The Example of Competing in any Industry As Set By Fabletics

As many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs would learn, it is possible to compete with a business in the industry that is already established. As a matter of fact, every industry has an established business in it. This company can be one of the largest in the industry. For instance, Amazon is involved in almost every industry including the fashion and entertainment industry. Amazon is in fact one of the largest businesses of the fashion industry. Therefore, any company that is hoping to start up in the industry has to put the large retailer in consideration before taking steps in the fashion industry.


One thing that can help is to look at Fabletics. Brand owners, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler have looked at the industry in order to find marketing opportunities. The next step they have taken afterwards was to think about a great business model that is sustainable and even innovative. This is when they have decided that the membership model is perfect. They have also thought about ways that they can market to their customers. This is when they have decided that they can engage the audience and focus all of their attention on learning about what they like so that they can provide the right products.


One thing that Kate Hudson has stated is that customers are going to buy the products they truly want. The markets have changed from the earlier form where businesses were able to dictate to the customers the products they are supposed to buy. One of the major aspects to this change is that the internet has allowed customers platforms to share their opinions. While advertising can still be effective in spreading awareness of the brand and the products, it is the interaction in the online social media platforms that can truly attract customers.


Fabletics has interacted with women and spoke to their needs beyond providing them with some of the best products in fashion. While women are enjoying their new styles, they are also being encouraged with their goals for greater fitness and health. Fabletics empowers women to look good and feel great about themselves.

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