Lime Crime’s Launch in China

Since LimeCrime has launched in China, the makeup brand had developed a unique way to sell their product. Kim Walls, the Global General Manager for LimeCrime said at the National Retail Federation Conference in that LimeCrime had to be sold differently than it was sold in the States, and it was something that wasn’t used to. There was a mandate China that makeup sold wholesale had to be tested on animals. Being a vegan brand, the company had to make sure that the makeup wasn’t being tested on animals, and in order to get around the loophole, they had to have their products shipped from the United States. Other issues that LimeCrime had to deal with was transporting logistics, managing duties and taxes, handling international returns and customer service in the Chinese language.

Lime Crime also had dealt with counterfeit issues with over a million units of their lip products being sold illegally. To solve the problem, they worked with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion brand in Los Angeles who were expanding their business into the beauty realm. They teamed up with Revolve because of their similar goals and customers.

Lime Crime built a “seed audience” through having social media visitors directed to Revolve’s website. Two hours before launch, existing and new fans were able to spread the word about Lime Crime and Revolve through word of mouth. They were drawn to also working with lesser known beauty gurus as opposed to “first tier” ones, in order to find people who were truly passionate about their products.

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