Barbara Stokes Is Creating More Job In Manufacturing Through Her Company

Barbara and her husband Scott Stokes started up Green Structure Homes in 2008, a company that focuses on construction and manufacturing homes in the wake of disasters. Green Structure Homes was founded in Huntsville, Alabama, and offers their construction services to public, private and government clients. With the use of the latest technologies and skilled engineers, Green Structure Homes has seen a great deal of praise for their ability to produce cost-effective homes at a low cost. Before founding Green Structure homes, Barbara Stokes had a background in disaster relief, and she shares more than 3 decades of experience working in the industry with Scott Stokes. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara and Scott Stokes have worked closely to push the number of manufacturing jobs available throughout not only Alabama but around the country as well. For both residential and commercial sites, Green Structure Homes is attempting to bring jobs to eight different states that have joined the project. Thanks to the growing demand for modular homes, the business is growing and the manufacturing jobs will be rising over the next several years.

The states that have backed the project to increase manufacturing jobs include Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Virginia. Thanks to the 28 million dollar contract afford to the company after hurricane Harvey, Green Structure Homes will surely expand into more states in the future. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara knows she has been blessed with an amazing opportunity through Green Structure Homes. She is not only capable of building success for herself and her company, but she gives back to the community and helps people across the country. Barbara Stokes also wants to help at local businesses as well, hoping to create indirect job growth through Green Structure Homes. The project to build jobs throughout the U.S. states will bring expertly designed homes that are safe for many families and the completion date is estimated to be the first quarter of 2018.


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