ClassDojo Is The Leader in Social E-Tech

ClassDojo, a leader in the E-tech industry, has recently raised 21 million dollars for tech that is able to connect parents to teachers. With ClassDojo parents are able to check in on teacher and children at anytime during school hours and all throughout the school year.

By using this communication platform parents can text with teachers and children, video call their children, and inform teachers of special needs their children may have. ClassDojo allows parents to have a great peace of mind while their kids are away from home.

There are plenty of feature in ClassDojo that make the teacher’s job easier too. By being able to communicate with parents in an easy and effortless way, it could lead to the cancellation of parent teacher conferences. This not only lightens the workload of teachers, but enables them to use those extra hours to do more progressive work.

ClassDojo provides a positive atmosphere for the students of the classroom. The app turns the classroom into a real community by allowing students to take and post photos to their online portfolio. The students can then share the photos with whoever they wish.

ClassDojo is appropriate for all ages. Children are taking to technology at an earlier and earlier age. By the time the average child enters elementary school, they already have a good understanding of cell phones and tablets. By allowing the children below their teenage years to have a social media platform of their own, you are creating a community that is unique and just for them.

The company was only created in 2011. In the short time ClassDojo has been in existence it has thrived in an overpopulated industry. Some people may be curious what sets ClassDojo apart from other E-Tech platforms.

ClassDojo is not a direct educational tool, it is merely meant to make the relationship between student, teacher, and parent a seamless experience. By putting ClassDojo in a school, you are laying the foundation for a ground-up change that will create a positive experience for all parties involved.

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