Susan McGalla Paving the Way for Women in Leadership

I recently came across an article about a woman in power from Pennsylvania named Susan McGalla who earned her way up through the ranks getting executive positions inspiring women all over the country and the world to rise through the ranks of corporate companies. I love these types of stories on a personal level because I am very supportive of equal opportunity for women hell I dream of the day when women are playing right next to men in professional sports. As a male, I’m far from a sexist but I’m also not a feminist I lie somewhere in the middle where I want women to have equal opportunity if they earn their spots in a company.

Basically, the article recaps how Susan got started as she was a girl in a family full of males and she had to earn everything that she was given in her life and that helped prep for the way things were going to work in the real world in her career. You clearly see that she’s a tough lady and she earned a president position at American Eagle Outfitters then she founded P3 Executive Consulting, and now holds the position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers where she’s been doing great work at in the NFL. One thing you can admire from Susan is that she was smart and seems to be somebody whose, not a follower but a leader and I stand by those principles regardless if she was a male or not. Unfortunately, the article points out greatly that women are still not in positions of power for the most part. I really think that’s still pretty sad because women are just as good as men are in powers of positions. I do hope she inspires young ladies out there so that the next up and coming generations can even out the positions of power in companies.

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