Academy of Arts University, changing the world through augmented reality technologies

Whether your passion lies in fine arts, design, fine arts or liberal arts, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco offers you the best platform to follow it thanks to ground-breaking training techniques. The state of the art facility has been around for over half a century now as it was established in 1929.

Since its inception, the facility offers students an opportunity to specialize in a diverse array of courses which suit their passion and abilities. For instance, within the basic categories mentioned earlier, one has the option of specializing in smartphone application, designing video games and an array of other interactive technology concepts.

In an aim to create a connection between interactive technology and other fields such as communication and other areas, AAU’s department of known as School of game development is fast embracing new concepts to make this possible. For instance, some of GAM students recently presented their new smartphone application known as Tender feels to San Francisco’s civic innovation department of the mayor’s office. If this app is adopted by the city’s administration then it will help make San Francisco’s Tenderloin district much safer.

A brief overview of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district

Even though the district’s location is set amidst prosperous and famous neighborhoods such as Nob Hill, for years now it has always been tagged as disgusting, unsafe and some people even go to the extent of referring to it as a zoo. This is thanks to its escalating rates of poverty. With a population of 25000 people, the district also happens to have the highest rates of crime in San Francisco and is home to quite a high number of youths.

However, beneath all these imperfections lies a city with a rich history as it has been a residential neighborhood ever since the Gold rush era. It has also had its share of downfalls such as the 1906 earthquake which triggered a fire that lazed down the entire neighborhood. Thanks to this, it is the ideal location for AAU to put its concepts to work as it has quite a big room for sustainable development and with its location at the heart of AAU, it is easy for the students to put their expertise to work and help turn around the current state of Tenderloin for the better.

How tender feels works

As mentioned earlier, tender feels is a smartphone app developed by a group of four students from AAU. They created the app during an augmented or virtual reality event sponsored by Tech in the tenderloin. The primary objective of the event was to apply the use of augmented or virtual reality in finding the civic and social solutions which would be a perfect fit for Tenderloin district. Nevertheless, it was not all fun and games because AAU’s students faced tough competition from students of other renowned facilities such as Stanford University.

Tenderfeels is a one of a kind application which will really help turn Tenderloin’s bad fortunes into good ones as it harvests real-time data from the residents themselves. It allows residents to react with a certain emotion such as anger, happy or disgusted towards the specific location which they are on. For instance, a resident who doesn’t like a particular location in Tenderloin can react with disgusted. Fellow residents and relevant authorities are able to see this reaction in real time and it is through this information that changes or developments can be made to make the place better.

About Academy of Art University

Located at the heart of San Francisco, Academy of Arts University is a state of the art facility committed to making the dreams of many aspiring artists a reality through specialized courses. Richard S. Stephens is the brains behind the facility and he established it way back in 1929. The school focuses on interactive technology areas and Students can major in animation& visual effects, illustration, fine art, fashion, advertising, photography, architecture, web design and many others.

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