Meet the Great CEO of Tsunami XR: Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a globally recognized entrepreneur who has been in the industry as an entrepreneur for over 25 years. In his entire career, Alex has majorly focused on the small companies as well as the incubation of various technology companies. Alex co-founded the Yesmail Alex Brown Led IPO greatly known as (YESM), which was a web directory and email marketing firm. The company was later declared public and bought by the CMGI currently known as Moduslink Global Solutions. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

Later, Mr. Alex Hern founded the Military Commercial Technologies. This was a technology commercialization incubator that was funded by the great Lockheed together with L-3. In this company, Hern served as a Chief Executive Officer and the chairman. Mr. Hern did not stop there; he went ahead and co-founded the ArcSight (ARST), a well equipped cyber security which was later sold to Hewlett-Packard for 1.5 billion dollars.

Additionally, Alex Hern formed and served on the Board of along the Triton Network Systems. The great entrepreneur has as well served on the board of Zero-Knowledge Systems which is a security company currently known as Radial Point. Learn more about Alex at

His Recent Interview about the Formation of TsunamiXR

In his recent interview with Ideamensch, Mr. Hern states that as the world is transitioning from the CPU-driven computer era to the GPU-driven world, there will be a significant need for new software platforms and applications. That will leverage the new capabilities availed by the incredible graphics procession which can be acquired on tablets, PCs, as well as mobile devices which await the new spatial computing era. This is where the idea of forming Tsunami XR came from. Mr. Alex Hern believes that the newly launched software by TsunamiXR is the next big platform on which will fit most scientists and engineers who would want to bring changes to their industries.


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