Jacob And Stuart Set to Work Together Again

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod who were once workmates at Merlin Biomed Group are once again set to work together. The two individuals are widely known for their exploits in the healthcare services field. After working together in the past for an extended period, each one left to pursue their interests in the medical field. The productive partnership is set to be revived once again as the two have pledged to work together.

Merlin Biomed Group; where the two worked together, was initially created by Stuart Weisbrod together with other partners. The founders aimed to improve healthcare through the application of biotechnology, pharmaceutical know-how as well as medical devices to improve the health of people. The firm was a success, and this can be directly attributed to Weisbrod’s immense experience in the healthcare field. He had previously worked in renowned institutions that apply biotechnology in their practice, and this experience was very helpful in managing Merlin Biomed Group. He is also highly educated having studied in some of the best tertiary institutions in the country.

This experience was vital in enabling Stuart Weisbrod to create a team of professionals who were dedicated to achieving the company’s goals. One of the prominent members of this team was Jacob Gottlieb who worked as the firm’s portfolio manager.

Under Gottlieb’s tutelage together with other expert portfolio managers, the company experienced some of its most productive spell in 1999 and 2000. At this time, Merlin Biomed Group made more than 100 percent profit. The result of the high profitability was enabling the firm to attract high-end clients who allowed its earnings to continue soaring. The firm was closed in 2007 and each one left to pursue other interests.

Stuart Weisbrod created Iguana Healthcare Partners after the closure of Merlin Biomed Group. Gottlieb also established his firm called Visium Asset Management and the company has been growing since its establishment. However, it had to survive a financial scare in 2008, but that did not slow its prolific growth. Visium Asset Management was closed in 2016 following a lawsuit, but Jacob Gottlieb was not sued. Jacob and Stuart have since then rejoined and are set to work together in a partnership that is seen as exciting by those who know their capabilities.

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