Investing Tips From Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker. While retired, he continues to invest, offer his services as a consultant, and give advice to others on the best ways to handle their investing dollars on He is spending his retirement years living in South Florida and engaging in golf, one of his favorite hobbies.

Igor Cornelsen spent many years heading some of the largest banks in Brazil. Some of the banks he oversaw were so large that they made up a big percentage of the entire country’s economy. Today he works as a part-time consultant for the investing company he founded in Florida, Bainbridge Group Inc. He provides advice to individuals and business owners on how to make long-term investments at He also coaches budding entrepreneurs on how to develop a business plan, how to structure the company, developing employee policies, and how to obtain financing.

The first tip is to not lose money. There’s always going to be an element of risk when it comes to investing but it can be reduced. He says if you have an investment that is consistently losing money it’s best to sell it and move on. He says that the purpose of investing is to make money and you should never forget this. His other tip is to start as early as possible in life. Due to compounding interest on, time is one of the most critical factors in having successfully saved enough for retirement.

The third piece of advice that Cornelsen gives is to make sure you have a properly diversified portfolio on This will minimize your exposure to any one sector or asset; you should have a broadly diversified holding in stocks as well as bonds. His last piece of advice in the article is to get an advisor, at least when you’re starting out. Once someone has enough experience investing they can then take over management of their portfolio.

Dental Solutions by MB2

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company affiliated with dentistry and practices. MB2 helps with the business aspects of a dental practice. We are all aware of the paperwork that goes into any kind of practice. This means there are lots of aspects that dentists and doctors have to deal with that don’t necessarily pertain to the patients. MB2 is a company that offers a solution to the tedious business aspects of running a dental facility. This then enables to dentists to focus most of their attention on patients and solutions for their patients.


Founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, in 2009, Villanueva began his career as a practicing dentist. Experiencing the hectic and sometimes frustrating aspects of all that accompanies a dental practice, inspired him to bring into conception the idea of a company that could offer advise, knowledge, guidance, and even a personal system for individual practices. Having first hand knowledge of dental practice and its daily functions, this gave him insight on how problems could be averted and improved.


Some areas or issues that dentists are trained on in dental school can include legal issues, compliance and credentials, handling payroll, HR issues, and even cost effectiveness within the practice. These are areas in which a dentist or group of practicing dentists are responsible for but may not have any training on. MB2 Dental Solutions have a team of experts that can take care of the non-clinical aspect of a dental practice, leaving time for the dentist to devote to their patients and practices.


MB2 Dental Solutions can help effectively run a dental practice and enable practicing dentist concentrate on what they were trained to do, dentistry. With MB2 working to effectively organize and run the clerical side of a dental practice, dentist can be reassured that every aspect of their business is running smoothly. With the community of mentors and experts available to assist, dental practices can grow and prosper in the business world.


Todd Lubar Makes Real Estate Exciting

The real estate industry is an exciting industry that provides a huge service to millions of people. The people who participate in the real estate industry have a need or desire to purchase or sell real estate. This is an opportunity that is exciting for many people who participate in the real estate industry. For real estate professionals, it is a chance to help people and accomplish professional goals.


There are numerous areas in the real estate industry. Regarding real estate professionals, there are many areas that present tremendous opportunities for professional growth and development. Some of these areas include real estate agents, real estate brokers, and real estate loan originators. While these areas have many responsibilities, the opportunities for career advancement are significant for real estate professionals.


Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who took a career path in the real estate industry that started as a loan originator. He used his first job as a loan originator to give him the momentum to get other jobs in the real estate loan area. Each new job that he accepted allowed him to learn more and more about real estate loans and the real estate industry as a whole.


The career path for Todd Lubar was set to follow a path where he wanted to venture out on his own to start his own real estate companies once he felt that he had learned enough about the real estate loan process and the real estate industry. This time was around 10 years into his professional career.


Todd Lubar has been and continues to be very successful running his real estate companies. His companies help people to secure real estate loans, which has always been where his interest truly are regarding the real estate industry.

How OSI Group Helped Created Jobs

There are quite a lot of jobs to be had within the confines of OSI Group, and the company is helping create jobs in many different ways. OSI Group is one of the largest employers known to the business community, and they are a phenomenon in the food community. OSI Group is creating jobs to ensure it offers the finest opportunities for everyone. Their company wishes to employ many who will become a part of the OSI Group family.

#1: The Newest Facilities

OSI Group is buying companies and taking over factories that will be a part of what they do with their brand. They wish to bring as many facilities in line with their operating principles, and they are always searching for a way to offer jobs in communities that rely on what they do.

#2: How Do They Sell To Customers?

Customers may order online at any time, and they are welcome to create any menu they like. The menus created using the OSI Group website are known to be far more healthy than anything else on the market, and the company has a wide selection that prevents a repeat of a menu item. Large cafeterias and dining halls may use the OSI Group ordering system to ensure they have proper food for their meals, and the businesses may order online without delay.

For more information, connect with OSI Group on LinkedIn.

#3: How Are Orders Fulfilled?

OSI Group fulfills orders in the fastest manner possible, and they use a sustainable approach to ensure the orders are sent in a proper timetable. They save time and money by ship using methods that are safe for the environment. It is important every business follow the lead that has been offered by OSI Group, and the company will continue to do business in a way that is completely different from the rest of the industry.

There are quite a few companies and cafeterias that may order from OSI Group, and they will use foods that were made using the finest ingredients in the industry. The industry works to offer better foods to everyone, and it does so using techniques that are pioneered by OSI Group.



Fabletics Steals Customers From Amazon After Trying the Service Offered By Fabletics

If you are someone who follows the life of people in Hollywood, you have more than likely heard the name of Kate Hudson in the past. She is the daughter of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. She was raised by Goldie and her long time boyfriend, Kurt Russell. She has an older brother who is also a Hudson as well as a younger sister who is known for roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies.


Kate Hudson knew one day when she was doing yoga that her pants were not as comfortable as they should be. She knew that she had to do something or more women would feel the same way. If you are uncomfortable, you do not want to continue wearing the pants or continue working out because you are so uncomfortable. She knew that this would stop a number of people from practicing healthy habits and therefore worked to find a way around this. That is when Fabletics popped into her head.


When you join Fabletics, you are ultimately joining a membership program that will allow you to receive an outfit each month that you are a member. Each month, your credit card is going to be billed and you will receive a new active wear outfit in the mail. If you are a VIP member, you will be able to exchange that item for free for something else that you might like or you can receive free shipping as a added bonus as well. If you like the items that you are sent, you will then be able to keep the item or you may return it for something else that you like better. If you comfortable in the active wear, you can continue on with the membership or you opt to end your membership. You can end the membership at any time and your credit card will no longer be billed. If you enjoy what you are receiving, also know that you can purchase additional workout gear and enjoy more outfits rather quickly. If you purchase additional wear, you can also take part in the sales that are offered each month. It is that simple.


Because of this reason, Fabletics has strived to get more people to try their clothes. That is why it is so easy to become a member of the subscription plan. Try it now for only $25 to start and receive your first outfit right away.


IAP Selected to Support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System Contract Valued at $53 Million

IAP Worldwide Services has announced the winning of the United States contract to provide fielding, integrated logistics, and training support services necessary for the Distributed Ground System Common Army Project Manager at the Fort Hood and other locations in the world. Under the Third Generation Rapid Response Team, the work will be performed at its contract vehicle.

IAP Worldwide Services solves and seeks the toughest challenges that are facing the nation and all its enemies. For the company, the clients’ mission is converted to become IAP Worldwide Services’ mission to develop a personalized approach towards its solutions. According to the Vice President of Technology and National Security Programs in IAP Worldwide Services, their client’s mission is adapted and personalized to develop a perfect solution that seeks to maintain its integrity as a world-class leader. For the company, they engage in the unexpected. They work towards executing their job with unparalleled responsiveness, unwavering focus, and their deepest commitment to professionalism and determination.

DCGS-A is one of the primary systems in the United States Army capable of processing data, dissemination, posting data, Reconnaissance, and disseminate intelligence information to important groups about the provision of relevant information to the troops in the field. The contract, whose value was estimated at $53 million, was meant to include the training, system reconciliation, hardware certification, warehouse operations, data processing, and hardware systems reconciliation to deliver success to the military generals.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services team, according to the Senior Director of IAP Worldwide Services, is passionate about offering its support to the dynamic and critical mission for the intelligence community. For this reason, the company is committed to ensuring their clients succeed in whatever concerns their expertise. The Director of IAP Worldwide Services Information Technologies, Brandon Pugsley, says that the company has measured its capabilities with one of the leading worldwide solutions provider.

IAP Worldwide Services is recognized by their selection in the United States Army. for this reason, they have proven their expertise to deliver services and global expert solutions to their clients and support their occupation.

IAP Worldwide Services has more than six decades of robust professional experience. The company provides a broad range of solutions to the United States Organizations and Government.

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Christanna Bevin is an Exceptional and Experienced Project Manager

Christanna Bevin is a talented project manager based in Sydney, Australia. Bevin is skilled in mining, construction, commissioning, project control, and project planning, procurement, engineering, and contract management. Bevin has a master’s degree in business administration from Australian Institute of Business. She is also a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Project Management Institute.

Christina Bevin’s career journey

Since 2003, Bevin has served as a project manager for various companies. She worked for an engineering firm as a site administrator for six months. In January 2004, she got a job as a contract administrator with UGL Limited. Four months later, Bevin became the cost engineer and served in that position for nine months before she received another promotion towards the end of the year. Prior to moving to Kellog Brown & Root, she ended her tenure at UGL Limited by serving as a project controls manager.

In July 2005, Bevin secured a job at Parsons Brinckerhoff as a senior controls manager. Consulting & Contracts Support hired Bevin in March 2006 to serve as project controls and commercial specialist. In August 2007, she got a job at Chelopech Mining EAD and worked as a project controls manager. At Chelopech Mining, she was in charge of commercial management. In addition, she managed all the contracts for Chelopech Mining. Two years later, she moved to Oakajee Port and Rail and worked as a senior Project controls manager for about 17 months.

In May 2011, Bevin moved to Universal Service Energy and worked for the company for about three years. May 2014, Phu BIA Mining, a company based in Laos, Brisbane hired her. In 2015, she got a job as a project specialist at Consulting Services, a position she still holds up to date.

Aside from being energetic, results oriented and quite flexible, Bevin has portrayed resilience in conducting her duties. She is known to be excellent in her oral communication skills and has proved to be a reliable stakeholder.

James Dondero Is Selected As A Member Of The Southern Methodist University Business School Executive Committee

James Dondero is the leader and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital Management, L.P is the leading financial consultant in Texas with billions of property under its management. The company was inaugurated in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada.

The two have brought much expertise at the enterprise. Highland has been ranked among the world’s leading credit managers. It is also the largest and most experienced company with the specialty to offer collateralized loan obligations, special-situation separate accounts, and distressed private equity loans.

The firm also supplies both long and short equities investments to future businesses. The company also presents emerging markets with the natural resources to accomplish business success. The Organization has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

It also has other separate offices in Seoul, New York, Sao Paolo, and Singapore. The company serves many customers from around the world including governmental institutions, endowments, foundations, and corporations. The company also presents investments for other high-value business people. Dondero also serves as the chairman of other organizations such as NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank, CCS Medical, and the Cornerstone Healthcare. He is a partner with Jernigan Capitalagencies and the MGM Studios.

James Dondero was selected as a member of the Southern Methodist University Business School Executive Committee.

James Dondero has been selected to join the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Executive Board. Cox SMU Business School was developed on Dallas Southern Methodist University campus in 1920 to Sir. Edwin L. Cox. This University offers a broad range of high-quality undergraduate educational curriculum.

The new position is aimed to expand the relationship between Highland and the University which have been supportive friends.

The program also assists the ongoing renovations at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. James Dondero expressed his gratefulness in being selected to help the several excellence initiatives at the Southern Methodist University Cox Business School. This SMU Executive Committee consists of over one hundred elected members who meet three times per year.

Drawn Out Patent Battles

The law enforcement industry is a tough industry. No one would dispute that. Dealing with criminals and those in corrections facilities comes as no easy task. There are companies out there in the technology industry who work every day to create software and technological advances to ease the burden, even just a little, on law enforcement. One of those companies is Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and they serve over 3,450 agencies all over North America. In addition to those agencies, they work with over 1.2 million inmates currently housed in corrections facilities. Securus has been in business for over three decades and continues to be a leader in software development.

Recently, Secures Technologies has come under fire in a press release written by Global Tel Link, or GTL. GTL is a competitor and both companies are involved in many of the same patents. Many of the claims state that Securus Technologies does not have the rights to use certain patents and they need to stop immediately. Another claim goes on to say that Securus is more than willing sue all of their competitors.

Securus Technologies did not take all of these allegations sitting down.

This fight seems to be far from over and it is still uncertain how it will all play out in the end. Patent lawsuits can take years to resolve so both companies are in this for the long haul.


It is a commonly known fact to some, that MR. RAJ FERNANDO will only work with the cream of the crop in business……only the very best that there is out there. Anyone with mediocre or average, please go elsewhere. This is a fantastic quality to have as a very serious minded business leader, entrepreneur, and professional as a whole. I would not work with less than the best myself, and who would these days. After all, there is so much risk at stake and so much to accomplish in our ever growing and expanding, competitive, globally connected world. Who has the time or money to waste, in having les than the best in everything? I certainly do not, for one.

What is also swell to note here is that:

“The nature of the business can be stressful enough. CEO Raj Fernando wants to keep the surrounding atmosphere as pleasant as possible to counter that, so it’s crucial that his employees get along. So when it comes to hiring, he doesn’t approach it like some of his competitors, who may bring in 30….”(, page 1, paragraphs 1 and 2)

Also, please note that as an executive business leader of CHOPPER TRADING, MR. FERNANDO’S reputation is always at stake. He does well in both preserving and maintaining it, and well as in building it even higher. He is wise to do so, and to elect the best people to work with….those who are known as the ‘A listers’.

By the way, MR. FERNANDO founded CHOPPER TRADING and built it with his very own God given talent and hands….so to speak. He founded CHOPPER TRADING himself back towards the beginning of the new millennium, and both he and his company would surely come a long way since then… order to get to where they stand today. And there is more. Of course, there is always room for improvement and continued growth/expansion wherever there is true success and greatness.
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