As an entrepreneur, developer, and founder of JCL Capital, Jordan Lindsey’s impressive abilities in the financial world have helped some of his investors make hefty returns.

As an innovator, entrepreneur, financial guru and the creator of a cryptocurrency growth bot that works with Bitcoin, Jordan Lindsey has developed the first trading bot for a lending program. As a result of having built his first business in 2005, JCL Capital, Mr. Lindsey’s financial firm has provided investors the chance to make noteworthy monthly and yearly returns.

JCL Capital uses a systematic approach for those investors who are interested in trading in the Forex market. In regards to Mr. Lindsey’s other business related, entrepreneurial endeavors, Jordan he once served as an advisor to the company, Energia Global. Jordan Lindsey also started the company, Prive Information Services. In terms of his financial experience and knowledge base, Lindsey has a considerable background in forex trading, portfolio management, hedge fund investing, and working with blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Lindsey’s venture into the cryptocurrency lending niche area of finance began with a computer algorithm that he built, which trades in the Forex market. The Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is an original third-party verified algorithm for use in cryptocurrency markets, is something that has made Jordan Lindsey somewhat of a frontrunner. Prior to Lindsey entering this relatively new world of blockchain technology, Forex, and computer systems architecture, he had a solid work history in the world of finance. Jordan Lindsey once held the role of Vice President at Maximum Capital Management.

Jordan Lindsey’s educational foundation included a stint studying at the Mount Angel Seminary as well as attending classes at St. Joseph’s College. Although Jordan Lindsey’s educational background was not specialized in the fields of Computer Science, software engineering, or economics, Jordan Lindsey has kept a close eye on the business markets for many years of his life. At one point, Lindsey came to the conclusion that technology would play a large part in shaping future financial markets, so he started looking into new approaches.

Much like a genius autodidact, Lindsey taught himself all of the key skill sets needed to build website platforms and program computer algorithms that would impact the way that people trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Matt Badiali – The Natural Resource Investment Guru

Matt Badiali has come into the public eye recently for his promotion of the “Freedom Checks” program, which allows small and large investors to make large amounts of profit from relatively small investments. His viral video on the subject, and various others based on it, have garnered a large amount of publicity. While some have derided this system as a scam, this writer can find no evidence of that. It all seems to be based on a simple tax incentive passed by Congress in 1987, and therefore completely legitimate. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt Badiali holds a BS in Earth Sciences from Penn State, and a Master’s in Geology from Florida Atlantic. While working on his Phd at the University of North Carolina, he was recruited by a very successful financial investor as an on-site consultant. This led to his being educated in the ways of finance under the tutelage of his employer. He has been involved in natural resource investment ever since. At Banyan Hill publishing, he serves as a senior editor. He also writes a newletter called “The Real Wealth Strategist” which is mostly focused on natural resource markets.

Mr. Badiali’s expertise as a scientist has contributed much to his success, because he is able to verify many things for himself, whereas other investors have to rely on the opinion of whatever experts they can hire. If he wants to know what conditions are actually like on the ground, he can simply travel there and inspect things for himself. Read this article at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali gave a very insightful interview for, which is worth reading if you are interested in that kind of thing. When asked about the inspiration for his popular newsletter, he said that he wanted to help others make good investments in natural resources because he knew he had the perfect combination of expertise to do so. When asked if there were any current trends (in science) that really excited him, he expressed hope about the possibility of building a better battery, which would enable electricity to take the place of most fossil fuels. Later in the interview, he dropped a hint that he thought it would be a good idea to invest in electric cars. This does make sense, as the technology powering the automobile is over 150 years old. When asked if he ever made any mistakes, he said that he had been wrong about some investments over the years. However, he said that it never caused him a major problem because he did the smart thing and just dropped it entirely.

Certainly, if you need advice in the area of natural resource investing, this man is one of the best people you could look to.


For OSI Food Solutions, earning prestigious awards and expanding their business presence, globally is an excellent example of strong corporate leadership in the food business.

For a billion dollar company like OSI Food Solutions, having strong senior leadership, which chooses to build key partnerships in emerging markets, globally, is big part of their winning strategy.

Over the years, OSI Food Solutions has attained some impressive business goals, received some impressive awards, and successfully expanded into many international markets. In December of 2016, one of OSI’s subsidiaries located in the UK, was awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This yearly award concerns those important companies in the UK that do exceptional work in the area of environmental safety.

Because of the impressive, veteran leadership of COO, David McDonald, and OSI’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin, OSI Food Solutions has made wise, yet confident decisions to expand into Europe. Based on the decision by senior leadership at OSI Food Solutions to add a larger market share in Europe, OSI purchased the Dutch company, Baho Foods, in August of 2016. This purchase of Baho Foods, as COO, David McDonald noted, provided their firm with a much stronger business presence in Europe.

With the acquisition of Baho Foods, OSI Food Solutions inherited exactly five subsidiaries — some of these companies having important food processing plants in Germany and in the Netherlands. These five subsidiaries, which are located in Europe, are named Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods.

In December of 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Flagship Europe. It is a subsidiary of the Flagship Food Group, which is headquartered in Denver, Colo. Flagship Europe’s product line includes frozen poultry, sous vide products, pies, mayonnaise, and dressings. Flagship Europe is an important element of their UK food service sector.

President and COO of OSI Industries, David McDonald, quipped that the addition of Flagship Europe to their portfolio will provide an important presence in Europe for OSI. David McDonald also noted that Flagship Europe’s holdings, which include unique products and brands of food, will complement OSI’s current strengths. It will also help strengthen OSI’s capacity to best serve the customer’s changing tastes.

Located in Aurora, Ill., OSI Food Solutions is a private company that owns 60 facilities. It also also oversees many of their subsidiaries, and related work sites in 16 countries. OSI Food Solutions, which began as a small meat company called Otto & Sons, Inc., has been in business since 1909. OSI Food Solutions is a $6 billion dollar firm.

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Susan McGalla Paving the Way for Women in Leadership

I recently came across an article about a woman in power from Pennsylvania named Susan McGalla who earned her way up through the ranks getting executive positions inspiring women all over the country and the world to rise through the ranks of corporate companies. I love these types of stories on a personal level because I am very supportive of equal opportunity for women hell I dream of the day when women are playing right next to men in professional sports. As a male, I’m far from a sexist but I’m also not a feminist I lie somewhere in the middle where I want women to have equal opportunity if they earn their spots in a company.

Basically, the article recaps how Susan got started as she was a girl in a family full of males and she had to earn everything that she was given in her life and that helped prep for the way things were going to work in the real world in her career. You clearly see that she’s a tough lady and she earned a president position at American Eagle Outfitters then she founded P3 Executive Consulting, and now holds the position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers where she’s been doing great work at in the NFL. One thing you can admire from Susan is that she was smart and seems to be somebody whose, not a follower but a leader and I stand by those principles regardless if she was a male or not. Unfortunately, the article points out greatly that women are still not in positions of power for the most part. I really think that’s still pretty sad because women are just as good as men are in powers of positions. I do hope she inspires young ladies out there so that the next up and coming generations can even out the positions of power in companies.

José Auriemo Netom YPO member and JHSF CEO

José Auriemo Neto, earned his degree from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. It is at FAAP José Auriemo Neto began his unique understanding of the establishment of relationship and partnerships, in business and the necessity of them to be successful. José Auriemo Neto would take these skills with him as when came onboard at JHSF over twenty years ago in 1993. JHSF, a real estate holdings company, who focuses on the development of commercial and residential properties, with an emphases on higher end real estate holdings.

José Auriemo Neto has found himself at the forefront of many JHSF’s growth and development over the years. In 1997 José Auriemo Neto was responsible for the Genesis of JHSF’s Services Department, with the founding of Parkbem. Parkbem is a company which is responsible for the management of parking lots. Initiating JHSF’s Service Department would not be José Auriemo Neto last venture in pioneering solution for the company. José Auriemo Neto would follow up his Parkbem establishment, by again establishing, what would be JHSF’s first experience with luxury brands. José Auriemo Neto negotiated partnerships with Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Cho. You would think, at this point José Auriemo Neto had enough on his plate to keep him very busy through retirement, but 2012 he was responsible for launching JHSF’s first Valentino and RED.

Looking at José Auriemo Neto resume out of college, it is not hard to understand how he was named Chief Executive twice in 2003 to 2004 and again in 2004 to 2005, at the Young President Organization. Young President Organization is group consisting of more than 25,000 members from more than 130 countries. YPO is a collaborative organization founded in 1950, and serves as a place for leaders in business from around the world can collaborate and learn from each other.

Hussain Sajwani’s Extensive Career

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur. He has explored business globally. Hussain Sajwani went to school for Industrial Engineering. He attended the University of Washington. Sajwani is the CEO of DAMAC.

DAMAC is a popular development company throughout the Middle East and North Africa. DAMAC specializes in luxury construction. In 1982, Sajwani founded his catering business.

Sajwani’s catering business served 150,000 daily meals. The meals Sajwani’s company served were fed United States military personnel, as well as employees of the company “Bechtel.” He founded DAMAC in the year 2002.

DAMAC quickly became a highly successful development company. Hussain Sajwani is frequently listed amongst the top Arabs. In 2013, DAMAC partnered with Donald Trump for construction in the city of Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani says his initial idea for DAMAC was formed from his childhood. As a child, Sajwania would offer help to his family and friends for their businesses. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: and

These experiences as a child fulled his desire to work independently. During college, Sajwani retailed apartments and rentals. Hussain Sajwani’s love for real estate grew after college.

He started small in the beginning, only remodeling and retailing small hotels. As his funds increased, he climbed higher in the system and began initiating business globally.

Life Lessons Sajwani Has Learned

In order to stay up-to-date, Sajwani participates in regular conferences with his team. Sajwani believes that his employees should communicate with him.

Sajwani suggest entrepreneurs expand their network. The developments in Dubai excite Hussain Sajwani. He anticipates future developments in Dubai. Sajwani believes one must embark on new roads in order to succeed.

In life, as well as in construction, a firm foundation is a key factor to growth. Sajwani has had to endure adversity within his career. He strongly believes that any failure is in turn an opportunity to become wiser.

Financial Advisor; David Giertz

Mr. David Giertz was the President of Nationwide financial Sales and distribution Organizations. He completed his schooling with a Bachelor of Science from The University of Miami and did Executive MBA studies from The Millikin University. He has the experience of thirty years in the financial industry. Giertz joined a Citigroup and started his career as a financial service advisor and got promoted to Area Director and finally became Executive Vice President of sales. He worked with many organizations, In The Millikin University, he was the chairperson of the board of trustees. He chaired the budget and finance committee, has also worked for the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

David Giertz joined Nationwide in 1999 as Regional Vise president they’ve he increased the revenue by 45% in southeast territory which included seven states and Puerto Rico and his results were impressive and the company grew from $11 billion to $17.8 billion. He was the mastermind behind all the plans and were led under his guidance. Giertz administered mutual funds through the bank, life insurance and all other schemes launched by banks and private firms.

David achieved a world-class opinion by the associate. And his scores increased from 4.41% to 4.63%. He empowered the culture of coaching by certifying more than a hundred leaders as business coaches. He was certified with WABC for being a business coach.

People who have retired or will retire don’t understand the concept of social security. 86% of people who will retire had failed to identify the factors that go into determining the number of their social security benefits. Many of them think they can take social security after sixty-two years of age. Some understand the reduction in their benefits but don’t know how much reduction is caused. It’s the time that financial advisors should tell their clients about their retirement plans and explain them social security and provide them the plans which are fruitful to them. As in today’s world, everything is available on the internet so always have a double check and be safe from being fooled.

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ClassDojo Is The Leader in Social E-Tech

ClassDojo, a leader in the E-tech industry, has recently raised 21 million dollars for tech that is able to connect parents to teachers. With ClassDojo parents are able to check in on teacher and children at anytime during school hours and all throughout the school year.

By using this communication platform parents can text with teachers and children, video call their children, and inform teachers of special needs their children may have. ClassDojo allows parents to have a great peace of mind while their kids are away from home.

There are plenty of feature in ClassDojo that make the teacher’s job easier too. By being able to communicate with parents in an easy and effortless way, it could lead to the cancellation of parent teacher conferences. This not only lightens the workload of teachers, but enables them to use those extra hours to do more progressive work.

ClassDojo provides a positive atmosphere for the students of the classroom. The app turns the classroom into a real community by allowing students to take and post photos to their online portfolio. The students can then share the photos with whoever they wish.

ClassDojo is appropriate for all ages. Children are taking to technology at an earlier and earlier age. By the time the average child enters elementary school, they already have a good understanding of cell phones and tablets. By allowing the children below their teenage years to have a social media platform of their own, you are creating a community that is unique and just for them.

The company was only created in 2011. In the short time ClassDojo has been in existence it has thrived in an overpopulated industry. Some people may be curious what sets ClassDojo apart from other E-Tech platforms.

ClassDojo is not a direct educational tool, it is merely meant to make the relationship between student, teacher, and parent a seamless experience. By putting ClassDojo in a school, you are laying the foundation for a ground-up change that will create a positive experience for all parties involved.

Scott Rocklage Says Remove Quickly Your Bad Employee Hires

Scott Rocklage the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures says remove quickly your bad employee hires. Dr. Scott Rocklage graduated from the University of California-Berkeley and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and also received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT.

With over 30 years of work and leadership in the management of a medical company, Dr. Rocklage has various levels of experience with hiring, managing, training and growing productive staff to bring about some of the worlds most needed pharmaceutical cures.

In business, a company’s success and failure can be predicated on the efforts, abilities, and enthusiasm of a well-trained motivated staff that generates a productive climate and environment to perform work-related tasks.

The old adage a bad apple will spoil the bunch can be utilized in Dr. Rocklage’s approach to business. When you hire someone to perform a specific task their character and the way they actually operate is put on display in their activities at the workplace.

Scott Rocklage through multiple years of experience in management has found that if an organization hires on an employee that is a bad fit, it is imperative that you remove them quickly and don’t assume that evaluating performance and establishing goals will cause the innate tendencies of a poor worker to change.

By hiring the right people and moving on from the wrong people Scott Rocklage has established a track record of successful clinical approvals in the medical industry with 3 FDA approvals in particular that are grand achievements. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg and Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase

Through the efforts of a well-trained and innovative staff, Dr. Rocklage was responsible for the FDA approval of three medications Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan.

Also, as an inventor, he has over 30 US patents that he both invented and co-invented with his staff. The renowned medical and healthcare manager and inventor, Scott Rocklage have utilized a vast expertise in leadership and management to say that if you hire the wrong person you must move on quickly in order to be successful in any business or organization.


Why So Many People are Choosing Aloha Construction

There is a reason why a lot of people are choosing Aloha Construction for themselves. Once you decide to hire Aloha Construction, you are not going to need to do the home projects yourself. Not only does this save a ton of time, but it also saves you money since this company offers high-quality financing that is sure to save you money long-term. You are going to want to contact them to see if they can take you on as a client and what they are able to do for your own needs. Get details on Aloha Construction at Porch.

Once you have made the decision to hire Aloha Construction, they will get to work right away on assessing your entire property. This means that you can feel good knowing that this is something you can have done and will find it to be quite helpful in what they are able to do for you. The problem that a lot of people have is that they do not know how or why they should be hiring Aloha Construction, and this is due to the fact that this is a company that has years of experience and can help you out. Learn more about Aloha Construction at Home Advisor.

If you need more information on Aloha Construction, you can check them out on Angie’s List as well as the BBB website. They also have their own site, so you can feel good knowing that this is something that is sure to help as much as they can. You will have them come out and do a free home inspection to determine what needs to be done. Once they are done doing this, it is just a matter of figuring out what is right for you and what you need to get done in order to feel confident in what your home is like. No matter what type of work you need to have done, you are going to want to hire this company so that they can begin doing the work that is so important for you as a homeowner. This is why a lot of people have chosen this company and are happy with their results.