“Perry Mandera’s Formula For Success”

Perry Mandera, a Chicago native, has a deep commitment to community service. He is known for reaching out to his city, his involvement with the ITA (Illinois Trucking Association), and his achievements of great success. When the name Perry Mandera is spoken of one might think of him serving as a committeeman for the Republican Party, him serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, or his philanthropic work. Regardless of which achievement is spoken of dealing with Perry Mandera, we know that he has a deep love for his community, the well-being of the less fortunate and he is a successful business man.

Perry Mandera, the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies, has well over forty years of experience dealing with servicing the shipping needs of customers around Illinois as well as the whole country at large (Facebook). The Custom Companies services 33 major-market distribution centers and more than 350 power units across the United States. At the distribution centers, The Custom Companies handles warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Everything is said to run smoothly as Mr. Mandera promotes the “strive for perfection whenever possible” quote to his 500+ employees. This quote is the backbone to The Custom Companies leadership clause resulting in fewer errors in production while operating at maximum capacity in the service of its clientele.

Perry Mandera is not only a great business man dealing with logistics but he also has an impressive resume dealing with philanthropic work. Philanthropic is described as dispensing aid from funds set aside for humanitarian purposes. Perry Mandera’s philanthropic work consists of Custom Cares Charities, a nonprofit that supports underprivileged children. Perry Mandera’s other philanthropic work consists of helping with disaster relief and donating items to his employees every December, if they have people in need in their lives. Mr. Mandera love helping people and does all he can so they can have a better tomorrow financially.

Perry Mandera, owner of The Custom Companies in Northlake, Illinois, says the reason he can help people the way that he do is because he took strategic chances. If one is too conservative in business, they never would be allowed the opportunity to grow to higher levels. One must implement their vision even if it makes them feel uncomfortable. If you do that and you do not succeed then you must dust yourself off and try again. Perry Mandera has proven time and time again that this strategy works.