Following Dr. Siegall’s Successful Career in Biotech

For those who keep up with medical news, Dr. Clay Siegall is a familiar name. Dr. Siegall is currently the CEO of a company which he also founded, Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm, which is located in Seattle. They specialize in therapy drugs for diseases that are life-threatening, and which do not have a cure. An example of the therapy drugs which the firm develops is cancer medication.

Educational Background and Career

Siegall studied zoology at the University of Maryland, where he also earned his B.S. degree. He is also a Ph.D holder from George Washington University, where he did his research in genetics. After completing his studies, Dr. Siegall decided to establish his own firm, and make contributions to the field of biotechnology. This is where the idea to found Seattle Genetics came about. The firm was finally launched in 1998.

With his experience and leadership skills, Dr. Siegall has managed to lead Seattle Genetics to great heights. One of the milestones which the firm has made is developing a drug that was approved by the FDA as an antibody conjugate. The firm has also developed well over 20 drugs as a result of their collaboration with various manufacturers in the industry. Their partners in the biotech sector include Pfizer, Genentech, Bayer and many other drug manufacturers.

When asked about how he brings his business ideas to life, Dr. Siegall attributes his success to his passion for medicine and technology. He considers technology as one of the best interventions in medicine. With the help of technology, patient can get the right diagnosis as well as treatment.

Clay Siegall was also inspired to start his business after a family member suffered from cancer, and almost died. He realized that the issue was not really triggered by the cancer, but by the effects of chemotherapy. By developing a drug that would help patients combat these side effects, their quality of life is improved. For Dr. Siegall, working on more drugs to help the sick will continue to be his passion.