Highland Capital’s Business Initiatives And Co-Curricular Activities

The founder of Highland Capital James Dondero expressed his satisfaction with the firm’s affiliate company performance. The firm NexPoint Advisers signed off a matured rights offering for stocks in a fund that entailed investment in grade debt and equities. The company achieved $269 million from the offering and exceeded the initial offering by 233 percent. James Dondero stated that he was highly appreciative of the consistent investor support and customer subscription which resulted in increasing excellent performance over the past five years. NexPoint Advisers priced each share at $20.93 for 95 percent of the total shares in the offering.


Highland Capital Corporation began operating under the co-ownership of James Dondero and his partner. The firm offers clients with investment advisory using experience from operations carried out across the world. Highland has a focus to offer credit plans like hedge funds, long-term funds, separate accounts private equity for complex situations, and loan obligations under collaterals. Additionally, the firm has alternative investments in growing fairs, long term and short term equities, and natural assets. Since its inception, Highland and its affiliated companies have assets of a net value of $14.9 billion in total. They serve a variety of clients including governments, corporations, organizations, funds, commercial institutions, public pensions, and endowments. James and his partner operate from the headquarter office in Dallas, Texas and have grown the firm to launch regional branches in Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York and Singapore.


Since 2005, Highland Capital has donated more than of $10 million to foundations around the world. The firm has an aim to improve education and healthcare through supporting organizations financially. Some appraised donations from the company went to organizations such as Education is Freedom and Perot Museum of Nature and Science. In 2013, Highlands contributed $1 million towards a project to improve math education by Reasoning Minds. James Dondero stated that it is through supporting intelligent minds and revolutionary movements that society can have much preparation for the future. James indicated that Reasoning Mind is a time proven excellent performer in Dallas, Texas that will nurture students from numerous district schools for success.