Ricardo Tosto and Why Transparency in the Legal Practice in Brazil Is Important

It’s no secret that Brazil is a repository of brilliant, talented and impartial lawyers who serve the public with the best of their ability. However, it can’t be denied that there could be lawyers who are surreptitious about their wealth and their tax obligations that they have to pay to the government. They have to reveal and declare such assets, especially if they live overseas, if only because it’s the only way that the government can sustain its funding for different social causes. One of the few exuberant lawyers today who are valiant and courageous enough to deal with such issue in transparency in the legal practice is Ricardo Tosto.

The Law 13, 254

The good thing right now in Brazil is that there is already a law that sort of forces lawyers to divulge their tax obligations. As the founding partner of Milk and the law firm Tosto and Barros, Ricardo sees it his duty to enforce the law so that the lawyers overseas can give the support that he needs to push for such advocacy. Despite the possible respite that he could be facing from his fellow lawyers, Ricardo Tosto seems to have the sense of humor and levity to deal with the issue in the most friendly and yet assertive manner.

With such law, it would now be easier for people like Ricardo Tosto to get the lawyers overseas to reveal their hidden assets, resources, and digital money, and pay the right fees that warrant such level of wealth. Better Partnerships

Why should the society and other lawyers care about such tax obligations? Ricardo Tosto believes that in order to build healthy technical partnerships between overseas clients and local ones, the involvement of the National Government with its intervention should enforce a legal mechanism for transparency. No other form of transparency system exists out there that seems to be better than the Law 13,254, which regulates how the tax regulation is done among lawyers in Brazil.

About Ricardo Tosto

Other than being the advocate for transparency, Ricardo Tosto is known to be the creator of Milk, which is a platform that offers creative solutions for lawyers to increase their productivity.

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