Preston Smith and the Long Period of Success for Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education recently had its tenth anniversary just a couple of months ago, in August of 2017. Preston Smith reflected on his first ten years of leading the nonprofit organization since he co-founded it with John Danner in 2007 near the San Francisco Bay Area, known for its fertile grounder for birthing innovative ideas and entities.

The group of eighteen schools have more than 3,800 students as of the current Fall 2017 semester, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. Parents are encouraged to enroll their children in public schools, rather than their private counterparts, according to Preston Smith.

Fortunately for parents and community members involved with Rocketship Education, President and Chief Executive Officer Preston Smith shared several things that they can do for the sake of their children’s academic future.

Parents should be in on group interviews for finding out who new instructors will be. Their power should spread to students, making them proud of their enrollment in public schools like Rocketship Education.

One of Preston Smith’s many goals is making its students happier, in both the interim and the long-run. Rocketship Education increases the chances its students succeed in future grades and in life in general. Other schools do not often provide this service to the communities they serve, although Rocketship Education is so big on giving it out to its many students and their respective families.

Getting feedback from students and their parents alike is great for changing the direction of teachers’ classes. Even though most all of them teach lessons as best they can, every instructor benefits from feedback they receive on a regular basis.

If schools that students are enrolled in aren’t getting the job done for the welfare of their students, parents are encouraged to place their kids in other schools that perform better for their students and overall communities.