Milan Kordestani-  CEO of Dormzi, Milan Farms and Guin Records

Milan Kordestani is a college student at Colorado College. He has captured the attention of the people by his ability to establish businesses while still in school. In 2017 before graduating from Sacred Heart Preparatory, he created his first company known as Milan Farms. Milan Farms was started in 2015 to empower local farmers and supply locally produced farm products to consumers. Part of the ongoing plan by Milan is to build a nationwide distribution network for poultry farmers.

Milan Korstedani is not only dealing with the distribution of products from other farmers; he is right at the center of operations in the farming sector. He has grown pure saffron and raised chicken. He implemented advanced methods of farming such as aquaponics and hydroponics. He also implemented drip-irrigation as a means of preserving water. Milan Korstadani has does not engage in GMOs and is strictly adherent to organic farming practices

Milan is involved in other activities such as sports. He is an accomplished equestrian and emerged number three during the World’s Championship Horse Show.

Milan Korstedani is also a writer. He has published six articles on the Huffington Post on various topics such as agriculture, mental health, and politics.

He has gone ahead to prove that he is a man of many hats. Together with his sister, they have created Guin Records, a music label to help discover artists

Milan has co-founded a mobile application called Dormzi. He is currently working on a book that will help young entrepreneurs find their feet in the business sector.

Milan Korstedani is a successful entrepreneur at a very young age. He is an epitome of the contributions of the young people in business today. He has proved that long gone are the days when young people would be required to first complete their studies before pursuing business endeavors. Right now, everything can be done at the same time and with the right results being achieved.

We are living in a highly competitive world where one cannot afford to sleep on an idea waiting for the “right age.” All opportunities should be utilized once they spotted. Milan is an inspiration to teenagers that they can also start their businesses and excel.