Can CVS Succeed with Drew Madden?

What’s Happening

If you’ve been paying attention at all to the recent developments in the retail field, there’s a lot surrounding Amazon right now. Chances are good that you have a subscription or commit a chunk of your purchases in their name, and that’s not at all a bad thing; Amazon sells a great service. However, entrepreneurs everywhere are issuing the same compliment with a grim outlook, and it’s for no other reason than the monolith’s continued onslaught of companies small and large, new and old.

Just take a look at Toys “R” Us and Whole Foods. These are two of the most recent victims of Amazon’s success, and people are starting to wonder if they’re going to monopolize the very idea of retail across the planet. That’s a serious statement and an epic testament to the power of the Internet, and Amazon has the system figured out. Fortunately for the customer — and unfortunately for medical companies of the brick-and-mortar sort — Amazon is now tackling the medical industry next.

Amazon’s Battle with CVS

Amazon has gotten its mitts on licenses in a couple states to sell pharmaceutical gear. Their next step, not surprisingly, is for the legal power to sell prescriptions themselves — you know, the nice little bags of potentially dangerous drugs that are sold at counters in places like CVS with the permission of a doctor. This is serious, but the implications for innovation are awesome, and CVS’ reflex against Amazon is proof of it.

The health and wellness corporation is currently discussing the possibility of buying Aetna in order to sell health insurance services right inside their stores alongside the current pharmaceutical consulting and prescription sales services. Basically, this would turn CVS into a one-stop shop for all things medical, which is great for the customer. However, there’s a catch: Without the proper health care IT support, this may not work out.

Where Drew Madden Fits In

To get CVS’ IT game face on, Drew Madden may be called upon to sort out the soft- and hardware side of things. The implications of this will lead to many benefits for CVS and their clients such as:

  •  A more reliable online experience
  • Expeditious access to records and notes about patient conditions, doctor’s orders and prescription requirements
  • Seamless integration of pharmaceutical and health care services into one package