Waiakea Water- The first Hawaiian volcanic water brand

Many companies are selling bottled water today. If you walk into any store, you will notice many bottled water brands. The global bottled water industry is estimated to be worth about $100 billion. Italy is ranked as the leading company in the consumption of bottled water; however, other countries are catching up. The lowest consumption is in Malawi, Africa. A few years ago, someone would have laughed at the idea of selling bottled water. In countries where the availability of tap water is not an issue, the assumption was that bottled water is just as good as tap water. Well, someone would find it puzzling to buy something you would get for free at home. What makes a difference in all the brands we have today. Mostly, the only noticeable difference is in marketing. One company will find a unique way of branding their product while in others the difference goes even to the quality of water in the bottle.

When you consume Waiakea Water, this is one of the products that you will notice a difference. The bottled water company is based in Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the regions in America that are considered the safest in terms of environmental protection. Something that is made in Hawaii has that sense of being “natural.” The name Waiakea is also a Hawaiian name meaning broad waters.

Waiakea, unlike other water brands, goes a notch higher in making their brand unique. The filtering process involved makes it the best brand in the market at the moment. The brand was introduced in 2012 and is marketed as the first Hawaiian volcanic water. The water that we get from this company is actually filtered by passing through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. The water comes from the porous Mauna Loa volcanic rock.

Waiakea Water is a brand that is ready to make a difference in the water industry. By providing a superior brand, they are making it harder for other companies to produce low quality water. They are setting the standards high, and very soon we shall see the company gain a lot of consumers.


Innovative Solutions with Deirdre Baggot

One of the ways to implement a new method of operation in any industry is to guarantee that all parties involved will benefit from the proposed system. This is reality of bundled healthcare payments and the idea is how Deidre Baggot created a healthcare payment revolution.

The new bundled payments system replaces the traditional fee for service payments and reduces costs for both patients and healthcare providers. Deirdre Baggot has combined this payment program with something she calls the “care protocol” to ensure that patients receive exactly what they need from their care givers. Patient symptoms are matched to the current recommended treatments and doctors and hospitals perform only those tests and procedures that are necessary based on symptoms rather than performing a full battery on everyone. This system is much more efficient and effective because patients get specific treatment and providers save money. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deirdre Baggot has spent her life working in the healthcare industry. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Southern Illinois University, an MBA from Loyola University, and a PHD from the University of Colorado. She is the current CEO of the Camden Group, a healthcare consulting firm, and has worked as an administrator and care giver at a variety of medical facilities. She is in high demand from firms looking to benefit from her ideas and as a result she has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences. She has also shared her system in a number of published reports.

Deirdre Baggot has worked with Medicare, Medicaid, medical facilities, and private insurance companies to implement the bundled payment system in over 200 hospitals, saving about $500 million. She has definitely created one of those win-win situations in which healthcare providers save money and patients experience an upgrade in care and an overall positive experience.

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How Sussex Healthcare Addresses All Of The Wellness Needs Of Senior AdultsHow Sussex Healthcare Addresses All Of The Wellness Needs Of Senior Adults

For many individuals, finding quality care for their elderly family members can be a daunting task. Fortunately for the people living in the Sussex area of the UK, there is a healthcare company that provides a complete program of wellness for senior family members.

Sussex Healthcare began its operation in 1985 with the launch of its first residential care facility. It has since grown to where it has 20 residential senior care homes each with 24-hour nursing care. The staff members at each care residence are in alignment with the philosophy of the company, which is to provide quality care at all levels of development, including mental health and socialization.

In an ongoing effort to promote a state of wellness on all levels, the network of facilities within the Sussex Healthcare community of homes offer a variety of services. Their trained specialists offer residents the ability to receive physiotherapy, audiology and lifestyle consultation services. The audiology services available through Sussex Healthcare are not limited to the senior adults who reside at their residential care facilities. They are also available to any senior living within the community. The process for their audiology screening begins with a hearing assessment to determine the extent of hearing loss. This is followed with the placement of the proper device to ensure a comfortable fit. Routine checkups are recommended to make sure no changes need to be made.

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As a health oriented institution, Sussex Healthcare is fully accredited by such organizations as the region’s Care Quality Commission and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. When addressing the physical needs of their residents, the team of professionals at each facility aids in physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy and personalized training. To better facilitate the needs of seniors, the company recently opened a fully equipped gym. Not only can residents of their care facilities take advantage of the gym’s stationary exercise bikes, free weights and elliptical machines, but so can the members of the community.

Headquartered in London, Sussex Healthcare has established itself as one of the leading senior care companies within the Sussex region. Their trained professionals are more than capable of helping senior adults who have debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s or who may have mental or physical limitations. Their hydrotherapy can help increase the range of motion in senior adults with decreased movement. Hydrotherapy is now available at the new gym through the use of resistance pools and hot tubs.