Richard Dwayne Blair: Benefits Of Expert Investment Advice

Are you researching investment vehicles or financial planners? Do you want to find a highly reputable investment firm? Whether you want to get help in saving money or you want to start investing, Richard Dwayne Blair can help.

Getting into the investment or financial management field is not something to be taken lightly. You need to get an expert to provide you with information, tips and strategies to grow your portfolio and achieve the success you desire.


If you are searching for an investment expert to guide you it’s crucial to do some research. There are many investment professionals and firms that render a variety of financial services but it’s extremely important to choose wisely.

When it comes to investing or financial planning you need to find a professional or firm that has an established history of providing outstanding service to clients. With a good investment firm or advisor by your side, you can be certain that your financial matters will be handled properly.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a reliable professional and has been catering to clients for years. Richard Dwayne Blair reviews his clients’ financial records and determines the best approach to handle their situation. He is a highly knowledgeable professional and is well known for meeting the needs of clients.

As a top rated investment advisor, Richard Dwayne Blair will take the time to evaluate your risk tolerance level and expectation, and then advise you on how to proceed. Any investor who is serious about obtaining the best possible outcome ought to consider consulting with Richard Dwayne Blair.

Getting expert guidance or advice from a leading professional like Richard will benefit you tremendously. Maybe you have considered contacting Richard Dwayne Blair or his investment firm, Wealth Solutions. This firm has been catering to clients in the Austin, Texas area and comes highly recommended in the industry.

For financial planning, money management or investment advisory, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. He will show you how things work in the financial services field, and walk you through the steps to investing wisely.

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Matt Badiali – The Natural Resource Investment Guru

Matt Badiali has come into the public eye recently for his promotion of the “Freedom Checks” program, which allows small and large investors to make large amounts of profit from relatively small investments. His viral video on the subject, and various others based on it, have garnered a large amount of publicity. While some have derided this system as a scam, this writer can find no evidence of that. It all seems to be based on a simple tax incentive passed by Congress in 1987, and therefore completely legitimate. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt Badiali holds a BS in Earth Sciences from Penn State, and a Master’s in Geology from Florida Atlantic. While working on his Phd at the University of North Carolina, he was recruited by a very successful financial investor as an on-site consultant. This led to his being educated in the ways of finance under the tutelage of his employer. He has been involved in natural resource investment ever since. At Banyan Hill publishing, he serves as a senior editor. He also writes a newletter called “The Real Wealth Strategist” which is mostly focused on natural resource markets.

Mr. Badiali’s expertise as a scientist has contributed much to his success, because he is able to verify many things for himself, whereas other investors have to rely on the opinion of whatever experts they can hire. If he wants to know what conditions are actually like on the ground, he can simply travel there and inspect things for himself. Read this article at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali gave a very insightful interview for, which is worth reading if you are interested in that kind of thing. When asked about the inspiration for his popular newsletter, he said that he wanted to help others make good investments in natural resources because he knew he had the perfect combination of expertise to do so. When asked if there were any current trends (in science) that really excited him, he expressed hope about the possibility of building a better battery, which would enable electricity to take the place of most fossil fuels. Later in the interview, he dropped a hint that he thought it would be a good idea to invest in electric cars. This does make sense, as the technology powering the automobile is over 150 years old. When asked if he ever made any mistakes, he said that he had been wrong about some investments over the years. However, he said that it never caused him a major problem because he did the smart thing and just dropped it entirely.

Certainly, if you need advice in the area of natural resource investing, this man is one of the best people you could look to.