Dr. Dov Rand : Changing How we View Aging

Aging is one of those things that we will all go through over a period of time. Of course, we all this and most people dread the process. As we get older our bodies rend to break down or have more and more health issues because of the wear and tear damage we have sustained over the years. This was thought to be a primarily a virtually impossible process and change to occur to us with little to no defense against this. However, people like Dr. Dov Rand are defying this and changing the paradigm of aging.

Dr. Dov Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist who is dedicated to treating and alleviating the different diseases and symptoms that come with aging. He is extremely well educated as he attended multiple different training and academic venues. He has extensive training from, the Albert Einstein Medical center in New York as well as the Howard University college of medicine. He tackles the many different problems associated with aging through the application of hormone therapies as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Dov Rand understands that as [people get older the hormones present and fresh at younger ages starts to decline which cause a lot of the issues that aging people are facing. Many men as they get older are stricken with erectile dysfunction which can be caused through weight gain, blood pressure issues, or a drop in the hormone testosterone. This issue can lead to even more hormonal imbalances that may result in anxiety or depression. Dr. Dov Rand knows this and has worked to combat this issue like others head on. He does his best to get these hormone imbalances back into the right amounts which vastly improves a patient’s life. Her doesn’t just work wit hormones though he always makes sure to give patients health pointers ion how to eat and exercise correctly to optimize health benefits and wellness.

Dr. Dov Rand has practiced for over 10 years. His extensive experience has lead him to practice and be licensed in the New Jersey area where hen resides to this day. It looks like in time Dr. Dov Rand will change how we view the aging process.