How Organo Gold Coffee Boosts Brain Health

The world enjoys, on average, 1.6 billion cups of coffee every day, and Organo Gold is recognized for some of that demand. The company blends premium coffee with the Asian Reishi mushroom, creating a healthier beverage. This mushroom is part of traditional Chinese medicine in East Asia, and has been used for over 3000 years. Watch this video on Youtube.

90 percent of people around the world use caffeine in some form, and the founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, knew coffee consumption offered a wide range of health benefits that went far beyond providing a boost in the morning. Researchers have acknowledged that coffee can encourage cardiovascular health, and shows signs of reducing exposure to various cancers. In fact, recent studies show that coffee has more conveniences like drinking at least 1-2 daily cups can boosts cognitive function, and diminish the exposure to intellectual decline, including Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical studies reveal people who enjoy a high consumption of coffee, on a daily basis, had a significant 27 percent reduction in their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, compared to those that do not drink coffee.

How Does It Work?

  • Coffee contains thousands of components in addition to caffeine.
  • One of the most effective, active ingredients in coffee is Chlorogenic acid, which has an active role in guarding against cognitive decline.
  • The Reishi mushroom has a large amount of unsaturated acids, natural alkaloids, abundant polysaccharides and minerals that nourishes the body, and reinforces the immune system.

Together, Organo Gold has created a unique blend of one of the most intriguing beverages that benefits the bodies in numerous ways.


Celebrating Milestones

Organo Gold has a long history of success and opportunity. The company marked their 10th anniversary this year. Operating in more than 50 countries, the company has evolved from premium coffee to several beverages including green and red teas, cafe latte, and hot cocoa, and personal hygiene products. One thing is for sure, their blend of healthy coffee is preparing us for the future. Visit to know more.