Francisco Domenech – Forward Thinker and a Passionate Philanthropist

Francisco Domenech is Politank’s managing partner. Politank is a law firm for government affairs, specializing in developing strategies to strongly represent private interests before forums set by the government. Also, Domenech is a passionate philanthropist, and through Politank, he has been supporting several causes over the last ten years.

He gained experience in politics in a broad array of roles, like campaign management, policy development, opposition research, voter registration, canvassing, and fundraising. Francisco Domenech’s knowledge and experience in political and legal worlds have helped in shaping him to become powerful and influential.

He’s a twice graduate of a Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico-based public research university known as UPR-R, where he earned his J.D. and his Bachelor of Arts in political science. During the 1999 to 2000 academic year, Francisco Domenech was the general student body council president. Also, at this period he was serving as an academic senator prior to the UPR-R senate. Before that, from 1998-1999, he served at the UPR-R’s College of Social Sciences as a student body president. During law school, Francisco Domenech also went to University College London (UCL) for a semester and took various courses in comparative law. Connect with Francisco Domenech by visiting his linkedin account.

From 2007-2012, he was a member of formal a governing body called the DNC (Democratic National Committee), where he was representing the YDA (Young Democrats of America). Francisco Domenech was also a delegate to the last four DNC (Democratic National Conventions). During the primary campaign of Hillary Clinton, he was the deputy campaign manager in Puerto Rico, where Hillary polled a 68 to 32 victory margin over Senator Obama.

Francisco Domenech served as a national finance co-chair of Ready for Hillary in 2008; he coordinated fundraisers for the independent expenditure-only committees (super PAC) throughout the country. In 2016, Domenech managed Hillary’s successful primary campaign also in Puerto Rico, and she managed to poll 61 to 37 victory margin over Senator Sanders.

He’s allowed to practice before the following courts: the U.S. Supreme court, Court of International Trade, the District of Columbia (DC) Circuit, the Federal Circuit, the United States Courts of Appeals for the First Circuit, the United States D.P.R and Puerto Rico.



How Big Money And Foreign Entities Have Taken Over American Politics

It was recently discovered that a Russian company with Kremlin ties had purchased political ads that showed up on Facebook. The ads were designed to influence the presidential election and persuade people to vote for Donald Trump. There are bans in place to prevent foreign interests from spending money on political campaigns in the United States but they are broken and unenforced. The Russian ads have been described as both sophisticated and comprehensive in their nature. Meanwhile, the Republican-controlled Congress is collectively sitting on its hands and not addressing the issue.

Robert Mueller is the special counsel that was assigned the role of investigating Russia’s meddling in the U.S. presidential race as well as other possible crimes committed by those in the White House. He is seeking to find out if Trump’s campaign cooperated with the Russians in designing and targeting Russian troll farms. Beyond that, most people don’t have any faith in the rest of government to do anything about these events.

Republican politicians, especially those on the far right-wing, have spent years undermining and diluting campaign finance laws. Their efforts have resulted in a massive amount of unlimited and anonymous political spending by those seeking to pervert the system and laws in their favor. That a foreign government and company were able to buy Facebook political ads and exert influence on American politics reveals just how bad things have gotten, including that we as a nation are totally unprepared to handle it. It’s now very few wealthy individuals, including those in foreign countries, who can craft American policy.

In another example, it was shown that American Pacific International Capital gave $1.3 million to support Jeb Bush’s run for the presidency. As it turns out, this company is owned an controlled by mainland Chinese entrepreneurs. In still another example a Mexico-based entrepreneur donated money to a Super PAC through a shell corporation he had created for this purpose.

End Citizens United is a political action committee. They are dedicated to stopping the huge influence that so few rich entities presently have on American politics. They are supporting candidates who are for sensible political campaign reform. They are seeking to return a voice in the laws of this country to the regular citizens that populate it. They recognize that the massively wealthy have essentially bought off the far too many politicians, especially Republicans, who work for them rather than their own citizens.

In order to end the overwhelming influence of Big Money in politics, End Citizens United wants to make the issue of money in politics one of the country’s main national priorities to address. The want to pass pro-reform laws on both the states level as well as nationally.

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James Bopp To Use The End Citizens United To Repeal Campaign Laws

James Bopp is the brain behind the End Citizens United. He has worked all through to ensure that the organization becomes successful. When appearing before a judge, Bopp was made a laughing stalk by all who were present in the courtroom. The lawyer- End Citizens United, was making his formal submissions on why his client should be allowed to play a campaign movie featuring the then-Democrat presidential candidate, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. The bone of contention is in the conduct of the presidential primaries.

In the video, the End Citizen United showed Mrs. Clinton as a political schemer and a ruthless European strategist. Once the details of the film went to the public domain, the federal elections authority placed a caveat on the movie. The movie was not to be played during the entire campaigning period. The main reason for the ban is that the by being 90 minutes piece, the film was way too long for an administrative campaign tool. Bopp in his submissions had argued that as a movie, it had no difference from the popular one-hour movie. His main point of the argument is that as their content creator, they should be allowed to enjoy the first amendment protection by a reputable court of law. At this point, the federal judge in charge protested and argued that the film cannot be compared to a one-hour film.

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Two years down the line, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of the lower court. The apex court also bought almost all the arguments that James Bopp was making on behalf of his organization. The decision set a very interesting precedent with a serious implication on how United States campaigns are funded.

The End Citizens United is an organization that is dedicated to reviewing the country’s financial regulations. The agenda of these changes are guided by the rule of law and obedience to the constitution and other laws of the land. Some of the rules that Bopp and his organizations intend to overturn have been made in very obscure cases. Without a substantive case, the decision to appeal or to challenge them in court gives very minimal chances of winning. Despite the achievements that James Bopp has made so far, he claims that it is not yet over. He argues that he will not relent until all the unfavorable campaign financing laws are repealed.

The End Citizens United raises its funds like in a political committee. The primary role of the group is to oversight the bankrolling of campaign funds. While acting on its terms, the firm has been able to raise $4 million in the last three months. By 2018, the group anticipates having made collections to a tune of $35 million. The massive financial support from the citizenry shows that most people are fully behind its ideas.