Academy of Arts University, changing the world through augmented reality technologies

Whether your passion lies in fine arts, design, fine arts or liberal arts, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco offers you the best platform to follow it thanks to ground-breaking training techniques. The state of the art facility has been around for over half a century now as it was established in 1929.

Since its inception, the facility offers students an opportunity to specialize in a diverse array of courses which suit their passion and abilities. For instance, within the basic categories mentioned earlier, one has the option of specializing in smartphone application, designing video games and an array of other interactive technology concepts.

In an aim to create a connection between interactive technology and other fields such as communication and other areas, AAU’s department of known as School of game development is fast embracing new concepts to make this possible. For instance, some of GAM students recently presented their new smartphone application known as Tender feels to San Francisco’s civic innovation department of the mayor’s office. If this app is adopted by the city’s administration then it will help make San Francisco’s Tenderloin district much safer.

A brief overview of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district

Even though the district’s location is set amidst prosperous and famous neighborhoods such as Nob Hill, for years now it has always been tagged as disgusting, unsafe and some people even go to the extent of referring to it as a zoo. This is thanks to its escalating rates of poverty. With a population of 25000 people, the district also happens to have the highest rates of crime in San Francisco and is home to quite a high number of youths.

However, beneath all these imperfections lies a city with a rich history as it has been a residential neighborhood ever since the Gold rush era. It has also had its share of downfalls such as the 1906 earthquake which triggered a fire that lazed down the entire neighborhood. Thanks to this, it is the ideal location for AAU to put its concepts to work as it has quite a big room for sustainable development and with its location at the heart of AAU, it is easy for the students to put their expertise to work and help turn around the current state of Tenderloin for the better.

How tender feels works

As mentioned earlier, tender feels is a smartphone app developed by a group of four students from AAU. They created the app during an augmented or virtual reality event sponsored by Tech in the tenderloin. The primary objective of the event was to apply the use of augmented or virtual reality in finding the civic and social solutions which would be a perfect fit for Tenderloin district. Nevertheless, it was not all fun and games because AAU’s students faced tough competition from students of other renowned facilities such as Stanford University.

Tenderfeels is a one of a kind application which will really help turn Tenderloin’s bad fortunes into good ones as it harvests real-time data from the residents themselves. It allows residents to react with a certain emotion such as anger, happy or disgusted towards the specific location which they are on. For instance, a resident who doesn’t like a particular location in Tenderloin can react with disgusted. Fellow residents and relevant authorities are able to see this reaction in real time and it is through this information that changes or developments can be made to make the place better.

About Academy of Art University

Located at the heart of San Francisco, Academy of Arts University is a state of the art facility committed to making the dreams of many aspiring artists a reality through specialized courses. Richard S. Stephens is the brains behind the facility and he established it way back in 1929. The school focuses on interactive technology areas and Students can major in animation& visual effects, illustration, fine art, fashion, advertising, photography, architecture, web design and many others.

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GoBuySide Takes Recruiting Finance Industry Professionals To Another Level

CEO, managing partner, and founder, Arjun Kapur of GoBuyside, has switched the methods of the traditional hiring process in the financial arena. This tech-savvy company founded in 2011, was developed to increase the hiring cycle in the finance industry. Kapur utilized his experience in finance, and his business education to launch the company. He is a graduate of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Kapur also obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration. As a business man, he saw a need and stepped up to the challenge making the company a financial platform geared for recruitment. GoBuyside services more than 500 clients, over 10,000 companies, and 500 cities throughout the world. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is a closed network for individuals working in the financial industry. These professionals are screened to ensure they meet the needs of potential employers. The tactics used include online job boards and applicant tracking systems. Kapur is open to the development of artificial intelligence who could potentially assist in this process by connecting employers with elite financial professionals from around the world. The users are exposed to proprietary compensation reviews. Qualified professionals are critically investigated in order for the client to have the best possible options.


Kapur steers his team and company to be the one that stands out from the rest. He believes the needs and wants of a client should be the priority of every business. GoBuyside does not work from a one-sided perspective because everyone matters. One of Kapur’s main objectives is to alter how the financial industry takes care of human capital needs. He is always open to researching a potential opportunity which may advance the success of the company. Kapur knows the use of artificial intelligence still has a way to go, but intends to be at the forefront when it is in its prime. They are on the brink of developing telework based positions. GoBuyside is steadily becoming an innovator in the financial environment merging businesses and workers together. Read more about GoBuyside at

Find Out How to Invest With Banyan Hill Publishing: Including Advice From Ted Bauman and Jeff Yastine

Banyan Hill Publishing is a strong company with tremendous upward growth. They issue unaffiliated investing advice and have more than 400,000 dedicated readers that count on the website’s panel of specialists to facilitate them with distinguishing likely investment possibilities. The sit centers on investments like natural resources, small to mid-cap stocks, profit-bearing investments, and profoundly underappreciated U.S. businesses.

The web address refers to the banyan tree, it is the world’s greatest tree when graded by the size of the canopy. The banyan tree is unparalleled. As its limbs flourish, they are braced by bunches of external roots which stretch from the ground, essentially forming extra trunks. Banyan trees might not get as high as oak trees or redwoods, but their capacity to help themselves with added trunks empowers them to endure natural catastrophes like tornados which can destroy other trees or man-made buildings. Visit the website to learn more.

Banyan Hill Publishing provides an improved option for advancing and safeguarding your assets. By using the site, investors can look into the mind of the Banyan Hill’s reputable investors such as Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman. You can take advantage of following the exact approaches that have brought success. Banyan Hill’s consultants have worked as hedge fund executives, been all over the world, written fiscal trade books, and served millions of clients to get a handle on their economic future. These specialists hold experience in technical fields, business organization, and economic planning, allowing them to yield the best perception to help you achieve a greater level of economic success while avoiding unreasonable dangers.

If the approaches Banyan Hill’s Jeff Yastine recommend appear to be peculiar or odd, that would be because they are being analyzed next to the conventional words of advice spewing out the popular fiscal news sources. The website is honored by the success it has given its readers. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff Yastine initially started at in 2015 for Banyan Hill Publishing as the editorial director. He brought more than twenty years of familiarization as a financial journalist and market investor from the focal point of economic world events. Jeff Yastine has had discourses and became educated by the investing tips of a select few of the world’s most successful investors and businesspeople in this day and age. People like Warren Buffett and Richard Branson are included in that list. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from the University of Florida.


Richard Dwayne Blair: Benefits Of Expert Investment Advice

Are you researching investment vehicles or financial planners? Do you want to find a highly reputable investment firm? Whether you want to get help in saving money or you want to start investing, Richard Dwayne Blair can help.

Getting into the investment or financial management field is not something to be taken lightly. You need to get an expert to provide you with information, tips and strategies to grow your portfolio and achieve the success you desire.


If you are searching for an investment expert to guide you it’s crucial to do some research. There are many investment professionals and firms that render a variety of financial services but it’s extremely important to choose wisely.

When it comes to investing or financial planning you need to find a professional or firm that has an established history of providing outstanding service to clients. With a good investment firm or advisor by your side, you can be certain that your financial matters will be handled properly.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a reliable professional and has been catering to clients for years. Richard Dwayne Blair reviews his clients’ financial records and determines the best approach to handle their situation. He is a highly knowledgeable professional and is well known for meeting the needs of clients.

As a top rated investment advisor, Richard Dwayne Blair will take the time to evaluate your risk tolerance level and expectation, and then advise you on how to proceed. Any investor who is serious about obtaining the best possible outcome ought to consider consulting with Richard Dwayne Blair.

Getting expert guidance or advice from a leading professional like Richard will benefit you tremendously. Maybe you have considered contacting Richard Dwayne Blair or his investment firm, Wealth Solutions. This firm has been catering to clients in the Austin, Texas area and comes highly recommended in the industry.

For financial planning, money management or investment advisory, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. He will show you how things work in the financial services field, and walk you through the steps to investing wisely.

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NewsWatch TV Contour Review

According to NewsWatch TVs January 6th product review of the new CONTOUR DESIGNS Ultimate Workstation keyboard, there are an estimated 3 billion people who use computers daily. Most of these people using the standard keyboard and mouse setup. Enter CONTOUR, a design company that focuses on blending the worlds of performance with comfort, specializing in products that foster a pain-free and more productive work environment.

Featuring their signature RollerMouse Red (A large roller bar with a digital left click option used for minimizing fingertip impact) that sits alongside CONTOUR’s Balanced Keyboard, NewsWatch gave a perfect review of the features of the Ultimate Workstation including it’s ability to keep workflow centralized – decreasing the need for unnecessary mouse and other complicated keyboard movements. They also noted the Intuitive 7 Senses Tracking Technology of the Balanced Keyboard, a wireless computing device that has smart On/Off Power Saving awareness and adjustable legs with a tilt option for workstation comfort as well.

In addition they also noted the added Ultimate Workstation Free 3 board, a device that can be switched out with the RollerMouse Red making everything wireless and ultimately more workplace friendly.

NewsWatch Tv, a product review, app review, technology news and various other media outlet source is a one stop shop for brands looking to have a professional and market savvy review company offer product recaps that are sure to attract funders and customers alike.

This campaign run by NewsWatch gained access to over 200 US markets as well as reaching over 95 million households with online targets receiving 697,924 impressions helping drive sales for Contour and another successful marketing push for NewsWatch Tv.

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Can CVS Succeed with Drew Madden?

What’s Happening

If you’ve been paying attention at all to the recent developments in the retail field, there’s a lot surrounding Amazon right now. Chances are good that you have a subscription or commit a chunk of your purchases in their name, and that’s not at all a bad thing; Amazon sells a great service. However, entrepreneurs everywhere are issuing the same compliment with a grim outlook, and it’s for no other reason than the monolith’s continued onslaught of companies small and large, new and old.

Just take a look at Toys “R” Us and Whole Foods. These are two of the most recent victims of Amazon’s success, and people are starting to wonder if they’re going to monopolize the very idea of retail across the planet. That’s a serious statement and an epic testament to the power of the Internet, and Amazon has the system figured out. Fortunately for the customer — and unfortunately for medical companies of the brick-and-mortar sort — Amazon is now tackling the medical industry next.

Amazon’s Battle with CVS

Amazon has gotten its mitts on licenses in a couple states to sell pharmaceutical gear. Their next step, not surprisingly, is for the legal power to sell prescriptions themselves — you know, the nice little bags of potentially dangerous drugs that are sold at counters in places like CVS with the permission of a doctor. This is serious, but the implications for innovation are awesome, and CVS’ reflex against Amazon is proof of it.

The health and wellness corporation is currently discussing the possibility of buying Aetna in order to sell health insurance services right inside their stores alongside the current pharmaceutical consulting and prescription sales services. Basically, this would turn CVS into a one-stop shop for all things medical, which is great for the customer. However, there’s a catch: Without the proper health care IT support, this may not work out.

Where Drew Madden Fits In

To get CVS’ IT game face on, Drew Madden may be called upon to sort out the soft- and hardware side of things. The implications of this will lead to many benefits for CVS and their clients such as:

  •  A more reliable online experience
  • Expeditious access to records and notes about patient conditions, doctor’s orders and prescription requirements
  • Seamless integration of pharmaceutical and health care services into one package

Dr. Dov Rand : Changing How we View Aging

Aging is one of those things that we will all go through over a period of time. Of course, we all this and most people dread the process. As we get older our bodies rend to break down or have more and more health issues because of the wear and tear damage we have sustained over the years. This was thought to be a primarily a virtually impossible process and change to occur to us with little to no defense against this. However, people like Dr. Dov Rand are defying this and changing the paradigm of aging.

Dr. Dov Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist who is dedicated to treating and alleviating the different diseases and symptoms that come with aging. He is extremely well educated as he attended multiple different training and academic venues. He has extensive training from, the Albert Einstein Medical center in New York as well as the Howard University college of medicine. He tackles the many different problems associated with aging through the application of hormone therapies as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Dov Rand understands that as [people get older the hormones present and fresh at younger ages starts to decline which cause a lot of the issues that aging people are facing. Many men as they get older are stricken with erectile dysfunction which can be caused through weight gain, blood pressure issues, or a drop in the hormone testosterone. This issue can lead to even more hormonal imbalances that may result in anxiety or depression. Dr. Dov Rand knows this and has worked to combat this issue like others head on. He does his best to get these hormone imbalances back into the right amounts which vastly improves a patient’s life. Her doesn’t just work wit hormones though he always makes sure to give patients health pointers ion how to eat and exercise correctly to optimize health benefits and wellness.

Dr. Dov Rand has practiced for over 10 years. His extensive experience has lead him to practice and be licensed in the New Jersey area where hen resides to this day. It looks like in time Dr. Dov Rand will change how we view the aging process.


“Perry Mandera’s Formula For Success”

Perry Mandera, a Chicago native, has a deep commitment to community service. He is known for reaching out to his city, his involvement with the ITA (Illinois Trucking Association), and his achievements of great success. When the name Perry Mandera is spoken of one might think of him serving as a committeeman for the Republican Party, him serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, or his philanthropic work. Regardless of which achievement is spoken of dealing with Perry Mandera, we know that he has a deep love for his community, the well-being of the less fortunate and he is a successful business man.

Perry Mandera, the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies, has well over forty years of experience dealing with servicing the shipping needs of customers around Illinois as well as the whole country at large (Facebook). The Custom Companies services 33 major-market distribution centers and more than 350 power units across the United States. At the distribution centers, The Custom Companies handles warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Everything is said to run smoothly as Mr. Mandera promotes the “strive for perfection whenever possible” quote to his 500+ employees. This quote is the backbone to The Custom Companies leadership clause resulting in fewer errors in production while operating at maximum capacity in the service of its clientele.

Perry Mandera is not only a great business man dealing with logistics but he also has an impressive resume dealing with philanthropic work. Philanthropic is described as dispensing aid from funds set aside for humanitarian purposes. Perry Mandera’s philanthropic work consists of Custom Cares Charities, a nonprofit that supports underprivileged children. Perry Mandera’s other philanthropic work consists of helping with disaster relief and donating items to his employees every December, if they have people in need in their lives. Mr. Mandera love helping people and does all he can so they can have a better tomorrow financially.

Perry Mandera, owner of The Custom Companies in Northlake, Illinois, says the reason he can help people the way that he do is because he took strategic chances. If one is too conservative in business, they never would be allowed the opportunity to grow to higher levels. One must implement their vision even if it makes them feel uncomfortable. If you do that and you do not succeed then you must dust yourself off and try again. Perry Mandera has proven time and time again that this strategy works.


Malcolm CasSelle at the Helm of WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Investment Officer of the leading company of in-game sales of virtual assets OPSkins. The business is also the tp bitcoin merchant in the world. The company is the largest centralized marketplace or virtual assets but there is some limitation to any centralized technology and that has given way to decentralized marketplaces for virtual assets.

To combat the problem, the founder of OPSkins are launching another company. called Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX. It is a blockchain platform for the trading of virtual assets between players. It is a marketplace where people can trade virtual assets safely and efficiently. The new launch will be able to bridge the gap between players trading vistrual assets and remove fraud and fragmentation.

Fraud and fragmentation in the marketplace were the reasons why WAX was launched. Those two issues create a huge divide when it can all be avoided by using a blockchain platform like WAX. The players will also be able to use WAX without having to click out of the game because they can enable the widget and use it simultaneously.

At the helm of the Worldwide Asset eXchange was appinted Mr. Malcolm CasSelle who will be serving as the President of WAX. CIO and President Malcolm CasSelle started many times that he was very confident with the WAX platform and believes that that is hat the virtual asset marketplace needed to make it more stable and healthy for its numerous users.

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle has had a lot of experience in cryptocurrency. He was one of the first to pick it up when it made its business-changing debut many years ago. Mr. Malcolm CasSelle has established several successful businesses and investment is a vast part of his career in business.

In terms of education, he graduated from the Massachusets Institute of Technology as well as from the Stanford Universty in Computer Science. After that, he worked at several tech businesses before moving into investment, entrepreneurship, and establishing a large corporation in Hong Kong. Mr. Malcolm CasSelle has been with the OPSkins for several years as their CIO and his career is still expanding further.

Enhanced Athlete: National Distribution’s Lawsuit Gone Wrong

In the recent times, National Distribution Company projected an attack to its competitor, Enhanced Athlete claiming that they are the only distributors for athletes. The claims by Nutrition Distribution pointed Enhanced Athlete had contributed to their loss in sales due to false advertisements. They were seeking compensation for their damages made as they had earlier claimed. They continued to the point that if small businesses fail to comply with the demands of the large companies, the Nutrition Distribution was committed to pursuing a legal involvement for payment of the cost incurred. Enhanced Athlete was a victim of this lawsuit that cited they had caused loses to Nutrition Distribution and therefore seeking payment.


Moving on, Scott Cavell of Enhanced Athlete affirmed that he would not allow the Nutrition Distribution scheme prevail against them. Finally, Enhanced Athlete won their case because Nutrition Distribution lacked facts over their claims. They were directed to do more research before making accusations in future against small businesses and the Enhanced Athlete company. Enhanced Athlete is a well-known company in the Sports Nutrition Company and the offering of Athletics sports & bodybuilding products. The company is based in Cheyenne Wyoming. Their products are inclusive of athlete support, enhanced coaching, enhanced gear, public help forums, and generous refund policies. Enhanced Athlete has outlets and is located in various nations all over Brazil, Mexico, Europe, United States, and Asia.


Enhanced Coaching is one of the sister organization to Enhanced Athlete that dominates in enhancing the fitness goals and providing profound coaching sessions. There are different programs offered by the best coaches. The sole goal of Enhanced Coaching is to enable one achieve the desired look more economically just as one deserves. Among the plans, including the diet prep, custom workouts, and personalized plans. They offer different programs at various times as preferred. They include unlimited online coaching options, 90-day training programs, and formulated coaching. Among others include the customized meal & diet plan, check-in calls on a weekly basis, and lean packs. Enhanced Coaching is most experienced with over 30 years in the market.


On the other hand, there is the Enhanced Gear that offers and avails all sorts of clothing, official gear, and accessories for an athlete. The best place one can never miss a deal. They have social network pages on Instagram. There are originals that are sold in the platform and premiums with the best price. Shopping is made any time of the day whenever the client is willing and able to make orders.