GreenSky Credit Built with Zalik’s Out of the Box Techniques

Some people think big. Others actually prepare to do big. Such is the case with GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik. When reading a rags-to-riches story, few understand the mentality of what it really takes.

GreenSky is known for financially backing contractors, healthcare providers and retail companies with billions of dollars in lending power. The art of making this happen sounds good on paper, but finding investors to back your idea, not so much.

David Zalik had to go through all of the bumps and disappointments in business just like every other rising entrepreneur. Most people like to criticize the failures of billionaires. However, GreenSky Credit CEO Zalik does not let such talk slow him down. There will always be doers and dreamers. To him, it is a challenge that needs to be overcome.

GreenSky Credit works with businesses and individuals who are credit worthy, financially secure and tired of the credit card mentality of today’s world. Offering free interest in the beginning and attractive payment plans. Care is taken to reflect the same thought process as their financial lenders.

Poor timing and bad investments taught Zalik how to better maneuver through the tough times due to his unstoppable zeal for winning. Zalik could have given up as the real estate bubble burst in 2009 and threw him into one failure after another. However, you recognize the strength of a company when looking at where they have been.

Today, GreenSky Credit combines the tools of investment, financing, technology and marketing to build a better mousetrap than what is offered through financial institutions. The result is a win-win situation for consumers, businesses and GreenSky Credit.

In April of 2018, GreenSky filed IPO paperwork with the SEC, a move that gives many companies the jitters in today’s financial climate. David Zalik does not even bat at eye.

Jeunesse Youthful Enhancements Effects

The company was established by entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The organization is global and has specialized in manufacture and distribution of skin health care and supplement products. The firm also has an online platform where they sell and distribute their products. The company’s healthcare products have plenty of youthful enhancements effects. Jeunesse’s main focus is on the study of stem cell science, telomere support, nutrigenomics, DNA repair and Fat loss technology. The Jeunesse company products are manufactured in the United States. They are later sold to the distributors who supply them in other area codes. Their marketing is majorly done online or through distributors. On the Online platform, Jeunesse Company uses different social media accounts to send the messages to their customers.

Jeunesse Company loves conversing with their customers. This enables them to have a clear idea of what the consumer wants. The organization has set up a multilingual customer desk. On top of that, they have a backup team that is ever ready for deployment. Additionally, they have a global enrollment system and in-house programming.

Jeunesse Company is entirely operational in over 32 offices around the world. Also, they have over 100 distribution channels. Wendy and Randy founded the company in the year 2009, 9th September, at 9:00 PM. It is almost ten years old since the company ventured into the market. If you are keen, you’ll notice that there is a number 9 in the year, month, date and time. The duo decided to have the number 9 so it can act as a motivator for the company to survive and thrive in the market.

Some of the Jeunesse products include the Luminesce advanced night repair. This is a cream that rejuvenates the skin while an individual is asleep. Advanced night repair enables the skin to self-repair itself while still fortifying for the future. The cream also has powerful antioxidants and vitamins that protect the skin membranes from any radical damage. Luminesce profoundly rejuvenates the skin at night. This product has plenty of benefits. It ensures that the skin has a rested cool appearance that is richly moisturized. Its ingredients include antioxidants and vitamins that are blended with a Jeunesse taste.

Waiakea Water Is Naturally Alkaline

Bottled water is a dime a dozen and came can be bought at just about anywhere from gas stations to supermarkets. Some say that they are alkaline and pH balanced when in fact it comes from the tap and then made alkaline with a machine. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water stands out from the rest because it is truly a quality brand.


The one of the biggest factors that makes this bottled water brand stand out is that is it naturally pH balanced and alkaline. Because a lot of food in our culture can be acidic, it is not good for our bodies. By drinking naturally alkaline water it helps restore the pH balance in our bodies, like it should be. To break it down even further the scale of acidic and alkaline goes as follows. 14 is completely alkaline and 0 is completely acidic. The happy middle according to science is 7.4. This way people can stay healthy and keep disease at bay. At startling fact is that beverages can erode your teeth and soda is one of the worst at 2.5 to 3.5 pH level. Astonishingly bottled waters can range from 4 to 7 on the scale, some of them being surprisingly acidic. Waiakea Water is a natural 8.2 which helps restore the body’s balance. They are a true leader in the field.


Waiakea Water is a unique bottled water brand that comes from rain and melted snow on top of Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. The founder and Chief Executive Officer was only 22 at the time when he founded the brand.


Ryan Emmons is dedicated to only the purest and best quality water. Family vacations to his family’s property was what gave him the idea about starting his company. The family’s well had some of the cleanest and most refreshing water in the world.


Upon realizing this Emmons started Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water in 2012. It has grown over 4,000 percent in the years since it started. Because of this company’s tremendous growth Waiakea Water has made it on the Inc. 500 List which is quite an honor in itself.

Stream Energy: Support In The Midst Of Circumstance

Stream Energy is a company that hires independent contractors to carry out their mission of signing up new clients for their services. As easy as that may sound, it takes more than just merely getting a consumer to sign up for a service. In fact, contractors are selected based on their want to carry on the mission of Stream Energy. They are responsible for meeting with clients, getting to know their needs through conversation and then matching them with the product that works best for them. Some of the products offered are cellular phone plans, telemedicine, and fixed-rate energy. All of these products can enhance the quality of life for a client. Fixed-rate energy prevents a customer from every having to overpay for their energy bill. Telemedicine gives patients the ability to discuss their symptoms online and receive a prescription online as well. Discounted phone plans can make a big difference as well as in most cases they offer the same features as the bigger companies but charge less. That is only one way that Stream Energy helps its clients. It also owns Stream Cares, a philanthropy organization that aims to enhance as many lives as possible across the country. The organization also partners with the Salvation Army and the Hope Supply company to help those individuals living on the streets. Homelessness and natural disaster are two primary causes for Stream Energy. Its associates focus greatly on keeping track of homelessness rates to ensure that everyone has all of the supplies they need to live safely during their circumstances. Recently there has been a 24 percent increase in the rate of homelessness in the Dallas area. Associates at Stream Energy chose to use that as fuel to give homeless children an all-expense paid day at the local waterpark. Stream partnered with the Hope Supply Co. to help them sponsor the Splash for Hope event. The event gives more than 1,000 children the ability to have fun, meet other children, and worry less about their circumstances. Giving the children experiences that they will never forget is priceless. It also helps the parents out as they are unable to afford the experience for their children.

What Are Those Famous Freedom Checks?

What are Freedom Checks? Plenty of people have been asking this question over the last couple of months. Ever since Matt Badiali came out in that — now famous — viral video spouting off about Freedom Checks, the question has come up quite a few times. Well today, we are going to try to answer that question. The answer may surprise you. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

First of all, let’s get rid of the name Freedom Checks for a second. Freedom Checks are simply Master Limited Partnerships coined under a fancy name. MLPs are companies that are set up under statute 26-F that are tax-free companies. How are they able to operate tax-free? Well, MLPs must pay back 90% of their profits to investors. This means that MLPs pay out massive checks in the mail every month, similar to stocks. Of course, the difference isn’t only for companies, individuals also get tax-breaks on MLPs. MLPs are capital driven not income driven so they are a lower tax bracket than the latter.

How do you purchase an MLP? Pretty much the same way you purchase a stock. It operates almost identically other than the differences in taxation. You can use your online brokerage to purchase MLPs, same as stock. Read more about Freedom Checks at

So why is Matt Badiali wanting us to purchase MLPs? Well, first of all, MLPs aren’t a commonly known stock option. In Wall Street firms, sure, but to the individual, not so much. MLPs offer far better return than CDs and typically beat out 401(k) and Roth IRA benefits as well.

The reason that Badiali is calling them Freedom Checks is because of his prediction on the oil industry. Badiali thinks that reliance on foreign oil is decreasing and with advanced fracking methods, the domestic oil industry is going to explode. Whether or not this is true is up to you to decide.

In the past, however, Badiali has gotten a ton of calls correct. There is a reason that over 100,000 people subscribe to his Profits Unlimited Newsletter, and it’s not the $97/year fee. Investors who are picking Badiali’s picks are walking out with gains. As far as this specific investment goes, it may be a goldmine it may not. If I had to put my money on anyone though, it would be Badiali.


IC System Is An Outstanding Company

IC System is a company that stands above others out there for a number of reasons. This company has been around for decades and they have made a name for themselves through the work that they have done over the years and the way that they go about getting things done. This company is focused on charitable giving and they support a number of causes. They have offered their help to the Special Olympics Wisconsin as well as St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They have supported the White Bear Lake Food Shelf and the American Red Cross. IC System has an in-house charity committee that makes sure that this company is always involved in meeting the needs of others.

There are some in the accounts receivable line of work who can only operate in certain states and collect debts in specific areas. IC System is not one of those companies. They have the power to work in all fifty states and also in Guam and Puerto Rico. They are licensed in those states that require them to be and they can collect money from people who have moved to a new state since they racked up debt. This company has the power to reach the whole country in order to serve those who turn to them for their services.

IC System is an innovative company and they have been that way for decades. They were the first in the accounts receivable industry to switch over from typewriters to computers way back in 1968. In addition to being and innovate company, IC System is an ethical company. They work hard to show integrity in all that they do and to always make the right choice. They care about people and treat all who interact with them with dignity and with respect. They are a company that is focused on always doing good.

Nick Vertucci’s Book is out to Guide Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Those who are interested in earning money through real estate ventures understand that it takes more than just a dream to be successful. However, with the help of Nick Vertucci, this is possible as over the years, he has crafted the art of investing in viable real estate ventures. Just recently, he released a book titled Seven Figure Decisions- Having the Balls to Succeed. This is a personal account of his struggles, commitments, developments, career, investment and rising from a debilitating downfall in business.

Vertucci’s book is a guide to a real life story retelling how he lost everything while trying to venture into business. He also uses the book to expound on the successful real estate seminar that turned his life around. Alongside a special fortune from Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank coupled with an endorsement from Dean Chain, the book has within the short period sold more than one thousand copies.

The Early Life of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci was raised by modest yet hard working parents who put in a lot of effort to see him attain his objectives in life. Even so, his father died when he turned ten years. As such, his life and that of his family took a turn that he often narrates to people in order to encourage them to pursue their dreams. When his father died, he had to invest in better business ideas so that he could support his mother and siblings. Therefore, he delved into a computer accessories business that could allow him to fend for his family.

At the same time, he had just married and had children and a wife to take care of. Well, everything was going on well for him until when the 2000 dot com market crash of computers hit him. At that juncture, he lost everything. Vertucci was crushed once more. Only this time, a friend picked him up by inviting him to a real estate seminar. From that moment on, his life took a positive turn.

Investing in Real Estate with Nick Vertucci

Presently, Nicj Vertucci owns a real estate academy in which he teaches aspiring real estate owners to invest in the same business. Established with the conjoined efforts of like-minded individuals but with Nick as the head cheerleader, the business is here to mentor entrepreneurs into becoming leading business professionals.

Like Skills Drawn from Vertucci’s Career

Given his humble background while growing up, Nick is an inspirational figure to many emerging business professionals. He is convinced that everyone can make it irrespective of their humble background or impending challenges on their way. As such, he has philosophies to guide everyone who is looking forward to delving into real estate. He advices these individuals to overcome fear and its impact.

The RealReal: How Real is it?

If you haven’t heard yet The RealReal is an ever expanding and very popular online luxury consignment store(now with a brick and mortar location in New York.) Julie Wainwright founded the business back in 2011 and since than has raised over $170 million in investments. The company employs very strict measures when it comes to authenticating each item they receive and prides themselves on only selling the best. On average, sellers see a 50 to 60 percent return on each piece they provide for consignment. Though there was talk of the company going public, for now it looks like Julie Wainwright will be focusing on raising another $100 million in investments to keep growing the company.

In recent years many luxury brands have jumped on the band wagon of thrift, so to speak. They realized the potential benefits in sales for them when it comes to such consignment stores like The RealReal. Many sellers who put up their items for consignment on the site will then turn around and purchase brand new luxury items from the same brands. With turnaround time on average being less than 30 days, the sellers don’t have long to wait to get their funds. Since The RealReal not only sells clothes now but also jewelry, watches, art and more; many luxury brands can look forward to the potential benefits of working along side this company.

The RealReal is not the only one of its kind either. Several other sites have popped up with similar themes. Sites such us Thread Up which in recent years has started offering used luxury brand items as well. Over the last couple years, thrift shopping has grown in popularity, not only due to cost savings but also the positive environmental impact of buying used instead of brand new. For now though, The RealReal leads the pack in this industry and we shall see what the next few years bring.

Ricardo Tosto and Why Transparency in the Legal Practice in Brazil Is Important

It’s no secret that Brazil is a repository of brilliant, talented and impartial lawyers who serve the public with the best of their ability. However, it can’t be denied that there could be lawyers who are surreptitious about their wealth and their tax obligations that they have to pay to the government. They have to reveal and declare such assets, especially if they live overseas, if only because it’s the only way that the government can sustain its funding for different social causes. One of the few exuberant lawyers today who are valiant and courageous enough to deal with such issue in transparency in the legal practice is Ricardo Tosto.

The Law 13, 254

The good thing right now in Brazil is that there is already a law that sort of forces lawyers to divulge their tax obligations. As the founding partner of Milk and the law firm Tosto and Barros, Ricardo sees it his duty to enforce the law so that the lawyers overseas can give the support that he needs to push for such advocacy. Despite the possible respite that he could be facing from his fellow lawyers, Ricardo Tosto seems to have the sense of humor and levity to deal with the issue in the most friendly and yet assertive manner.

With such law, it would now be easier for people like Ricardo Tosto to get the lawyers overseas to reveal their hidden assets, resources, and digital money, and pay the right fees that warrant such level of wealth. Better Partnerships

Why should the society and other lawyers care about such tax obligations? Ricardo Tosto believes that in order to build healthy technical partnerships between overseas clients and local ones, the involvement of the National Government with its intervention should enforce a legal mechanism for transparency. No other form of transparency system exists out there that seems to be better than the Law 13,254, which regulates how the tax regulation is done among lawyers in Brazil.

About Ricardo Tosto

Other than being the advocate for transparency, Ricardo Tosto is known to be the creator of Milk, which is a platform that offers creative solutions for lawyers to increase their productivity.

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Academy of Arts University, changing the world through augmented reality technologies

Whether your passion lies in fine arts, design, fine arts or liberal arts, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco offers you the best platform to follow it thanks to ground-breaking training techniques. The state of the art facility has been around for over half a century now as it was established in 1929.

Since its inception, the facility offers students an opportunity to specialize in a diverse array of courses which suit their passion and abilities. For instance, within the basic categories mentioned earlier, one has the option of specializing in smartphone application, designing video games and an array of other interactive technology concepts.

In an aim to create a connection between interactive technology and other fields such as communication and other areas, AAU’s department of known as School of game development is fast embracing new concepts to make this possible. For instance, some of GAM students recently presented their new smartphone application known as Tender feels to San Francisco’s civic innovation department of the mayor’s office. If this app is adopted by the city’s administration then it will help make San Francisco’s Tenderloin district much safer.

A brief overview of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district

Even though the district’s location is set amidst prosperous and famous neighborhoods such as Nob Hill, for years now it has always been tagged as disgusting, unsafe and some people even go to the extent of referring to it as a zoo. This is thanks to its escalating rates of poverty. With a population of 25000 people, the district also happens to have the highest rates of crime in San Francisco and is home to quite a high number of youths.

However, beneath all these imperfections lies a city with a rich history as it has been a residential neighborhood ever since the Gold rush era. It has also had its share of downfalls such as the 1906 earthquake which triggered a fire that lazed down the entire neighborhood. Thanks to this, it is the ideal location for AAU to put its concepts to work as it has quite a big room for sustainable development and with its location at the heart of AAU, it is easy for the students to put their expertise to work and help turn around the current state of Tenderloin for the better.

How tender feels works

As mentioned earlier, tender feels is a smartphone app developed by a group of four students from AAU. They created the app during an augmented or virtual reality event sponsored by Tech in the tenderloin. The primary objective of the event was to apply the use of augmented or virtual reality in finding the civic and social solutions which would be a perfect fit for Tenderloin district. Nevertheless, it was not all fun and games because AAU’s students faced tough competition from students of other renowned facilities such as Stanford University.

Tenderfeels is a one of a kind application which will really help turn Tenderloin’s bad fortunes into good ones as it harvests real-time data from the residents themselves. It allows residents to react with a certain emotion such as anger, happy or disgusted towards the specific location which they are on. For instance, a resident who doesn’t like a particular location in Tenderloin can react with disgusted. Fellow residents and relevant authorities are able to see this reaction in real time and it is through this information that changes or developments can be made to make the place better.

About Academy of Art University

Located at the heart of San Francisco, Academy of Arts University is a state of the art facility committed to making the dreams of many aspiring artists a reality through specialized courses. Richard S. Stephens is the brains behind the facility and he established it way back in 1929. The school focuses on interactive technology areas and Students can major in animation& visual effects, illustration, fine art, fashion, advertising, photography, architecture, web design and many others.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: